Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carlsberg Are you fan Enough? Support me ya!

Carlsberg is looking for 100 real fans! Real enuff to not only support the brand but also a fan of football. Yes the international game that keep everyone glued to the tv or even stadium for a live match as the whistle blown. I am so excited when Carlsberg are kind enough to honour 100 of their fans for this lifetime opportunity with an all expenses paid to Poland/Ukraine for the much anticipated EURO 2012 next month! But..there's a catch. Submit a creative video and get ur friends/family/anyone to vote! Now making a video wasn't that is getting the votes. I hates voting contest but Ive hope can score under creativity (well support lah kawan!) So here asking for favour from all of you to vote for me if  think my video deserve to be one of the 100 real fans.

Here's how:
1) Go to Are you Fan Enough website ( (Sorry tho that its only for non-Muslim and 18 years above could access this.

2) Go to FAN VIDEOS on the top header
3) Then search for UMADEVI VENGDESH.  
4) Watch the video, and if you think my video deserve to win, please click the VOTE button. That's it!

I play futsal and yes I practise and learn to spin the ball since i was 14years old. Thanks to my late grandma. Im a football fan..and you know what if i win, I will BLOG and take lots of pictures and perhaps VLOG to you guyz while i was there! And yes more giveaway of Poland/Ukraine's made. So i'll be going with a mission!

Your votes is greatly appreciated! 27th May ending. 
Thanks a bunch!


Ezna Khalili said...

alamak devi...i really want to support u but but.....the sponsor tu Carlsberg so good luck yer kawan!!! Hopefully ramai can support u tapi i tak boleh...

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi ezna..i understand..thanks for the good luck..kalau ada rezeki..tak kemana kan? nak suruh org vote bukan senang..rasa rasanya sepak bola lagi senang..hahaha thanks ya!


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