Monday, November 12, 2012


Yeay...Deepavali is here and I cant wait to be back my lovely home town and spending 'colorful' time with my family. So anxious for another road trip! Yup, I've just got back from Penang for PETRONAS #switch4xtra road trip challenge and boy it was FUN!. For those who are still clueless of what I'm talking about, you may refer to this LINK HERE.

Well, I really enjoyed myself during the entire journey from KL to Penang and back forth. I was also very fortunate to meet such wonderful people along the way. Huda and I were in team Scha Alyahya and were given few tasks to complete during the road trip. Our safety and welfare are well taken care of and we got the chance to drive the new Proton Preve courtesy of PETRONAS! I'll write about the funny and crazy food indulgence moment on another blogpost.

So talking about Deepavali and PETRONAS, the anticipation of their commercial or advertisement always fascinates me. I must admit that it has captured the many hearts of Malaysians especially during festive seasons. PETRONAS has always been known to create great impact ad that portray diverse heritage, tradition and culture in our multiracial community. I like it when how there are always 'story unfold' at the end of each advertisement. Somehow or rather, I'm pretty sure we as fellow Malaysians could relate to some of their pieces. How can we forget "Muthusamy Karupiah"!! in one of the many Deepavali commercials. Here from PETRONAS Deepavali Greeting 2012 for all of you:

Further to that, PETRONAS Deepavali Campaign was officially launched at Galeri PETRONAS on 5th November 2012. The campaign lead to an exhibition entitled "Be the Light-A Celebration of Culture and Tradition:. You may check it out the press conference as shown below.

There are also few other events organized by PETRONAS in conjunction with the Deepavali campaign. So if you are in KL during the long holiday break, why not pay a visit to Galeri Petronas KLCC for some pretty interesting lined up activities for you to participate eg. henna drawing, making the kollam etc. You may check it out HERE.

And before I forget, HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my friends all around the world! Be safe and have a blessed celebration. Now spare me some muruku!.:) 

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