Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Cliff Ao Nang, Krabi -Day 1

Krabi..yeah short and precise. That was the name of the place that I managed to venture few months back. The memories was still fresh like the salty sea water that I accidentally tasted it while i was floating face up in this beautiful island. Many have mentioned about this beautiful paradise but I've never had a chance to go, so last year while browsing the internet, i came across of the BIG CARD 0 point promotion, so i clicked and found the available date  and was booked at RM131 return. Good deal eh? you bet.  
The window of the world
I missed cotton candy clouds
It wasnt a full yeah less 'annoying' ppl in the flight
It was only 45 minutes flight, before i could finish reading the Travel3Sixty and warmed up the cushion seats, before i knew it, there were announcement made that we are landing. But at least I managed to finish the scrumptious nasi lemak (fat rice). This was pre-booked earlier, and because of this nasi lemak I managed to score pretty decent price for 2 nights stay at Krabi..I'll tell that in a bit. the complete set of nasi lemak (RM10) that save me on my accommodations..hehee
nasi lemak hot and deliciously yummy!
Aaahhh cool..i love short haul fuss, dont have the feeling of being cramped. Touched down and the immigration was pretty smooth. Upon arrival, there are plenty of choices for you to choose on the airport transfer to your hotel. Shuttle bus only cost 150baht (~RM15.30--my currency rate was 100baht=RM10.20) to Ao Nang beach while taxi might cost you 600baht (~RM61.20 by car) or 1050baht (~RM107.10 by van) . so you do the math and choose your best mode of transportation. 
It was still very early in the morning as we took the first flight. so we are a little hungry and anxious to know how does the resort will look like. Well you know sometime these agoda / Expedia website can be quite contradicting. 
This is our bus..
bus ticket. just inform the bus driver the name of your hotel, he will stop for you at the hotel entrance.
So after few rounds of passing by the unfamiliar roads, finally the bus driver stop and raise his voice " The Cliff" ..just to double confirm i asked again "The Cliff Ao Nang?" yes yes he answered. ok so we went down with our backpacks and look around.. OKAY....signboard written as The Cliff..We were like uh? by the road side? I really thought it was near to the beach. Anyway..we went to the reception area to demand an explanation.. (neah just kidding).
night view coz was too shock to arrive in the morning earlier forgot to snap the entrance photo
Receptionist was a friendly guy, greet us with the signature 'sawadeeka' and placing both his palms together while bow his head. Room are not ready obviously coz it was only 830am..hahaha so my friend, Plamy (half thai half chinese) spoke in Thailand to him and requested for the final day breakfast to be exchanged with today since we need check out early in the morning (7am) on our last day. He checked with the management and after few minutes he came and said yes we may order our breakfast.. Yipeeeee. hehe.. So we placed our backpacks at the counter and head to kitchen. Meals are pre-ordered which will be prepared there and there. Nice! So after ordered our food, we just chill by the poolside first. Love the backdrop- the gigantic cave which is abundance in Krabi. I'm such a mountain lover compare to beach. muahaha 

Eh makan lagi? hehee...i know the nasi lemak portion was quite filling but mulut gatal feel like wanna makan again. Well..i noticed i've gained 2 kg after this trip but its okay I've done my part exercising and wash away all those unwanted kilos thereafter. I normally the person that enjoy my food and at the same time watch my waistline. Life must have balance like YIN and YANG. I don't overeat or practise crash diet and at the same time I exercise lightly so no, not till I feel like muscle going to crack. 
Okay after that breakfast was served. so indulgence! the pancake was hard as stone. I just left where it was placed. Since I dont take beef and pork, I settled with cereal and breads. the jams are nice! milk a little not my liking. 
breakfast ready

After breakfast, we just hang around the pool area with wifi connectivity, it was like a feast for both of us browsing the internet and updating my instagram :P yeah i love WIFI. judge me away. Then, suddenly the reception came to us and said the room are ready. So he helped to carry our load and guide us to our room..Very balinese style, with wooden detailing, outdoor toilet and quiet.. I love this place! As our main reason for this trip is to eat, sleep, relax and eat and eat again..oh my..glutton punishment. 
Nice! my kinda place. outdoor toilet..hehehe
such a paradise.
each 'bungalow' are separated with wooden doors and bamboo pillars.
Guess how much is the resort per night? only RM161.58 which is equivalent to RM80.79 per person per night including breakfast.we were there for 4D3N.So i promised to spill the beans earlier right? well thanks to the nasi lemak that I've pre-booked earlier. This was after I've booked my flight and before I want to proceed with the web-check in if you noticed, there will be small window prompt after payment or your top up eg meal/insurance/skybus/seats. Normally it is from Expedia/AirAsiaGo - asking - Have you book your hotel? Aahhh well my curious mind lead me to click on it and voila - another screen pop out where I have 59 minutes and 59 seconds to choose from any of the discounted hotels via Expedia website. WOW..some even up to 60% discount out of the extra 20% discount on other search engines. While the clock ticking fast on my upper left is not helping on my decision making, I was quick to sort it out on the price and review. And at the same time, I Google the same hotel name at different tab of my chrome. my oh my, so it was genuine. The discount/ flash sale only applicable for less than 1 hour after I purchased the nasi lemak.  From RM380 per night I've managed to grab it at RM161.58 per night. such a steal deal! 

After check-in, felt so sleepy. After good rest, refresh then out to jalan jalan. We started walking at the street and check out any interesting place to visit for the next 3 days while we are here. 
The gigantic cave..
I wonder what will happened if they have this mobile currency exchange in Malaysia? hrmmm
Krabi coastline is smaller compare to Phuket but there are plenty things to do here. Infact i prefer the laid back ambiance here compare to the much anticipated wild Phuket. There are few street vendors including for tour packages, food, clothes/ handicraft etc. Price are not that cheap and since Im not here for the shopping so I just window shopping. 
HI Ronald, we meet again!. The only place you can find this kinda Ronald McDonald's pose would be here in Thailand!
 Stopped by a grocery shop where they sold some postcards. So i picked few to send back home for my parents. It has been a tradition for me to do so everytime  I travel overseas. Called me old school, but how often do we received postcard or birthday cards lately? I missed all that you know. 

We did stopped by at one of the kiosk to purchase a day tour for tomorrow. It was about < RM100 per person where there would be 4 main activities, which I would explain in my next post. 

Finally after all that walking, it was almost 330pm already, we decided to have PAD THAI as our late lunch..hehe..Found this local stalls and we just went in. About 100baht per meal, we had 2 types of pad thai. Added with squeeze of lime, is it fresh as it goes into your mouth.packed with seafood and chicken, the portion and quite big for me so best is to share!
Then we continue our walk on the scorching sun, came across this bar with a brilliant sign.
i still do talk even with called multi tasking haha
I bet this place will be nice during the night.

beach , cave and love
found my spot to chill and writing some sentiment home
such a luxury resort. whopping RM1000 per night for certain chalet. mostly are whites staying here
yeah yeah u probably seen this a lot in murad osman's instagram.
all walks of life
the quiet street
swimming? no thanks
my happy feet
sunset are burning with beautiful skies
After watching the beautiful sunset, we decided to go back to our hotel and freshen up before checking out place to eat for dinner. 

a lot of their mart are designed nicely with hanging cables everywhere.
i remembered eating this at phuket before, but not as appetizing as this cart. So i couldnt resist to order 
this is absurd! what a great craving for this now!
hipster joint
So we went back to our hotel, refresh and went out to search for some food. I really wanted to try their tom yum kung.been craving for some really tasty tom yum since I last went to bangkok and Phuket few years ago. Even my mum was praising the best tom yum kung she had was in Bangkok. Asked the receptionist of the hotel, one of the ladies recommended Tanta Thai Restaurant. We arrived the place and was wondering if it would be nice as recommended since most of the patrons here are westerners. 
Tanta Thai Food Restaurant
first it was empty, within minutes, this place was packed.
Boy we were right.. this was not the best tom yum kung but still it was decent price. These simple meals cost us 680baht. (RM69.30) not a recommend place but if you still want to try their western food then be my guest. 
tom yum kong, mixed vegetable, fish cake and omelette 
ms plamy !
ok will continue the day 2 activities on my next post. Till then, KOP KHUN KA!


Ezna said...

wahhhh nampak menarik. My hubby always wanted to come here tapi i macam takut2 tak selamat. So i guess tempat ni selamatlah....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

memang menarik dan selamat. jangan risau..hehe..

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

memang menarik dan selamat. jangan risau..hehe..

SK said...

Nice entry!

Nak repeat pi Krabi once again! hihihi..

Gonna read you next post.


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