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David Blaine :Real of Magic live in Malaysia

When I knew David Blaine is coming to Malaysia for his Real or Magic Asian Tour, my mind was simply bursting with excitement. I used to watch him on TV and Youtube where he kept making my medula oblongata goes flabbergasted with amazement. So, as a believer of a contestant, i went contest hunting for David Blaine's ticket show. Finally I've managed to score from 8share intagram contest #magicalmalaysia. Thank you 8share malaysia!! And of course, deep down I wish I could meet him personally, but only time will tell..hehee. dare to dream.
Free seating..that means i need to go early to grab a nice seat hehee
thank you 8share for the tickets!
U dont know who is David Blaine?? oh my..he is the next best thing in the world of magic or should i say reality? He is well known for his high profile of endurance, life threatening feat, an amazing illusionist and a street performer. But that Friday night (5/9/2014), he proved to us, he was not only all of the above, instead he gives us hope where when you put all your determination into faith- it will prevail, he was obliged to his adoring fans and also injecting a little sense of humor into his performance. It was more than a show or illusion, it was mind boggling confusion that leave you breathless and neverthless nothing short of astonishment. He was like connecting to us live with his seductive wits in that chilling Stadium Negara. I am ready to be dazzled.

ready to be dazzled!
Took the monorail to Hang Tuah and it was few minutes walk to Stadium Negara from there as I don't want to get trapped in the traffic. Upon reaching there, the gate was not open yet, so it was quite crowded. At last about 830pm, the gate was opened. Went in and find for a good spot.
this was the best seating arrangement i could get
By 930pm, the show finally begins!  And there he was on stage, with my new compact Canon Powershot SX700 that zoom like magic! loving this canon. With his usual black Tshirt and black pants, i could feel his strong vibe accompanied by the cheers from the crowd.

jeng jeng jeng..David Blaine !
close canon sx700 is simply awesome! hehe
 He was very much attached with the fans and i thought how lucky they were to be invited up on stage with him each time before he would start his performance. Most of the performance was what I have saw on TV, however it was still mind blasting! His usual monotonous act on tv has been snapped the total opposite that nite, once in a while he was quick to show his charming smile and even asked all the audience to get their cameras/videos to record it there and there. So no security guards was mad at us for doing so.  such a cool guy! hahaha! check out his opening act! 

From drinking 3 litres of water from 6 unopened mineral water bottles and spitting it out like a hose pipe to wash down the fire with his initial, to some card tricks to (go figure) forecasting the last piece of jigsaw puzzle from the audience to poking his palm using ice picks to his last unbelievable feat stunts of holding his breath for 8 minutes and 36 seconds!, he kept us seeking for the truth whether it was just part of illusion, real magic, science gimmick or an alien invasion. Either way, there were so many questions mark flying around.
time for some poking
He even jokingly said to the crowd that if something go wrong with that ice pick trick, that would be the end of the show. Not to worry coz he has few other magicians line up for us. unusual for him to say that but yeah..he even warned to all parents with kids to please close their young ones' eyes before he proceed with that eerie trick.
he get a couple to poke the ice pick all the way through his palm..crazyyy!
After that he left us with 3 other performers/magicians as he need to get himself prepared for the final stunt. First it was a dance act by a French hip hop dancer, Salah Benlemgawanssa (you can follow his insta at @spidermanasalah1979). 
Salah Benlemgawanssa
His body moves like a crafted rubber..going on slow motion to fast paced. Check out his performance here :

Followed by another French magician Yann Frisch (kinda Charlie chaplin) where his nerdy character play along quite well with his scruffy hair and trick. And the host himself,  Todd Robbins with his crazy nail hammering into his nostril, bulb eating and balloon trick from his nose to his mouth..gruesome and looked painful to me.
Todd Robbins
Yann Frisch
eeeeee.... hahaa

And finally the moment we are waiting for, out of the blue suddenly, we noticed that David Blaine was not on stage, but he was already ready to dive in into a huge water tank filled with nemo, dory and other fishes for his final death-defying acts in the middle of Stadium Negara. 

While he tried his level best to stand the endurance of holding his breath underwater in that water tank to outdo his last attempt for his Malaysian fans, even then, we could see a note of smile on his face. I took this opportunity to went up to get a closer glimpse of him. 

as he try to compose himself
he even invite a lady to jump in with more real can u get? i mean how on earth he could still concentrating on his breathing??
while closing his eyes..i have no idea what he was thinking
He actually waved and called the audience to come closer while doing his life threatening feat, and as I was terpukau standing behind those bodyguards, i quickly jumped in as i feel like he was waving at me..LOL. i duno what to do and since i am not your usual selfie freak, i actually stood next to the water tank and trying to adjust my Nexus4 like a confused child. But thank god, i managed to snap a selfie with David before he turned and facing the opposite direction for other fans. :) 
what a selfie..
I was smitten..His dreamy eyes, his laid back character, cool and enigmatic, his aura was simply magical to me. how can he still look very calm holding his breath underwater??? hatiku cair..haha like there was a cast of spell, his intriguing curiosity made my admiration towards him even deeper than before. 

He did it like a champ, 8 minutes 36 sec and while he came out of the tank, cold and out of breath, he was still giving his moment by allowing fans taking selfies and shaking hands to the cheering crowds. I managed to tap his elbow..hahaha..maybe after this my life will be filled with more magical adventure..hahaha

The showcase ended at 11.15pm. Final photo before going home with Todd and he placed a nail into his nostril.ouch!

Todd Robinson..funny and friendly magician
Thank you very much LOL events for making this a reality and all this would not be happening if not for 8share for the tickets prize. woots..:) i still cant believe .. it was like a dream that turn into a reality. thank you, im blessed. :) So follow 8share as there are more good things coming at cha!   

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