Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sg Lembing 3D2N Fun Trip

I have always wanted to visit Sg Lembing since like 5 years ago but since procrastination has been my biggest foe, it kept delaying my schedule. Not till last 2 weeks ago, ive decided ok enuff is enuff, time to plan a road trip whether I have enough numbers or not, I dont care, Im going..muahaha...Probably 2016 resolution really kicks in good in my cerebrum. So after checking with few groups of friends, a couple of homestay in Sg Lembing, read some blogs, whatsapping friends who are available in conjunction with Thaipusam's holiday and with last year balance of annual leave to clear, the plan finally became a reality. 

Since i've flooded my insta and fb with what to do, where to eat, who to contact and how to go there, many have messaged me privately asking for itinerary and interested to join in the near future, so here you are a simple guide for you guyz. Bear in mind that it was 3 of us, so the costing was divided by 3 and we did not want to rush so we really took our sweet time to venture Sg Lembing, talk with the locals, make some new friends, get closer with the nature and also chilling while we can. So it was really a fun trip with a lot of amazing discoveries. I didnt know a lot of stuff about Sg Lembing before, but now it makes me want to explore further this quiet town where it was once the most profitable underground Tin Mine of the world. Thanks Zue and Ayue for the company and fun. 

Teaser of our road trip to Sg Lembing... the "River of Spears"

It only takes about 3 hours drive from KL to Sg Lembing. Enjoy the lush greenery while you are cruising along Karak highway. 

Where to stay?
Tiara Guesthouse, 
Time Capsule Retreat, 
Green Peace, 
T-box or any other Homestays..

What to do?
Check out the Tin Mine,
Sg Lembing Museum, 
Witness the Rainbow Waterfall (depends on luck and weather), walking along the 100 years old Hanging bridge of Kolong Pahat, hike Panoramic Hill for a magical view, 
Charas Cave,
Sungai Pandan Waterfall,
Crystal House,
Deer Farm,
Pebble River Beach Sungai Kenau
Berkelah Waterfall,
Mount Tapis Park, 
cycling, walking, photoshoot at this small town or just do nothing and often you get a peaceful environment like this?  

What to eat?
Mee jawa, mee bandung, Nasi Ayam kukus, cendol durian, 
chinese noodles, beancurd, yong to fu

ok will update soon on our adventure at Sg Lembing, till then adios..happy weekend yo! 

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