Saturday, January 30, 2010

Express Rail Link - simply excellent!

It was year 2005, my first overseas trip to Bali. And it was also my first time flying. Excited? You bet...worried? a little. This mix feeling of anticipation paused for a while when suddenly i asked myself, "alamak-how am i supposed to go to the airport- KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) all by myself?" Taxi - way to expensive, Bus-i dont think so they have it at that time, Someone to send me--err...i rather not asking coz who on earth want to sent me from KL to KLIA as a favour? Then suddenly i realized aaaahhhh by train - i check out the counter at KL sentral on how much, how long and whateva questions that pops out from my mind at that time. Well, first time taking the ERL ma.

So on that day of travelling, off i went to KL sentral and puffft within less than 30 minutes I was in KLIA already. It cost me only RM35 and it was reasonable looking at the express time and service. The seats are comfortable and spacious not to mention there are compartment where you may place your luggage there too. On top of that, you may enjoy the beautiful scenery of countryside on the way. I’m really satisfied with the convenient, efficient, fast and excellent service of ERL.

It was thoughtful of ERL to come out with Go Green campaign. I'm certainly delighted with the approach, i think more people should take train instead of bus. hehehe. You may check out for more info on the Go Green at

Soon, I'll be bringing my mum to Bangkok. I want her to experience the excellent service with ERL. I'm sure she will like it. :) So those who haven't try, you may have the chance by doing so as the good people of ERL is giving out 888 tickets for free to LCCT during Chinese New Year.

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