Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why I want to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520?

Well to begin with, I was in Amsterdam on the 5th February 2010. Hence i missed the chance to be in Chinoz, KLCC for that prestige event. But can i gain extra points if i let u know the reasons why i NEED to own BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 with the details as follows?:
1st REASON– Mine is already Black dead. Literally my other half - my almost 6 years old dear Handphone (lil Bubu) has been in the 'ICU' almost 3 weeks now. The stage where i might have to let it go for good. You see, the screen has turned blank, pitched dark after some moron dropped it. Then, the flipper has also loosen from its bolt and nuts.2nd REASON I’m looking for a new PA in BLACK
Oh dear, I wish it will recover soon as it has some sentimental value in it. Not only that dad bought that hp on my 24th birthday but it was also has been my trusted PA with constant reminders and list to do notes that keep bugging me on timely manner. It has also served me during those urgent and emergency where life and death matter took place. And when I mean life and death, I’m dead serious about that. Of course, how can I forget those calls and smses that lead me to happiness of winnings from contest and competition. Currently the replacement hp is totally a jerk (not that I didn’t appreciate it but the buttons are so small and hard plus the alarm is not working). My life has been miserable as the not-so-user friendly reminder’s feature is driving me nuts. FYI-I need a new PA that its stylish, hot and in BLACK like this BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520
Spongebob, as much as i like ur cheerfulness, but be hard feeling okay?3rd REASON - I need a STORM updating
My schedules are pretty hectic with contest, competitions, travelling, work, photography, activities etc. I cant afford to have a slow and low capacity gadget. What I need is a contraption that works like a STORM. Fast, reliable and roar like the Tiger. That way I can reply my email asap. This will definitely keep me motivated and updated indefinitely. (pic Source from Google)

4th REASON -I need a replacement desBERRYly
Desperate as it might sound, but hell yeah..berry berry desperate already. Not only I could send messages but I can also check my email regularly and that include expanding my passion by joining contest wherever /whenever I want. Currently, I cant do all that while im travelling as it do not have Wifi connectivity. Miss most of the contest or even not able to update my FACEbook/Twitter status. Kinda lame it might sound but hey- I’m sure you guyz out there are hook with facebook too. Being connected is the key to keep me alive. This is my CPR. At this moment...
5th REASON – I need a STORM change in my service provider e-statement bill
Lately, my service provider rate is no longer attractive as it was. I need a change in that monthly e-statement. Roaming rate is crazily absurd and ridiculously high. CELCOM offer really good deal and it has been secretly pinning me for this past few months. “With the fastest network, the widest coverage, best rates and service from Celcom, the power is in your hands”
It's for me to find out and for CELCOM to prove it. So, I'm working towards it.

It come to a point where I need to find a better, bolder, bigger companion. What better way than the new BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520? Pretty much BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 fill up the blank of my latest notice of vacancy.
Whether the bear is blue or brown,
As long it’s cute & round,
I want this super Blackberry Storm,
Finally I think the best device for me has been found.

So, when can U start? – ASAP!

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