Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotspot of SATC2 Tour (NYC)

26/5/2010 Woke up after 3 hours of sleep. Breakfast at 8th Floor, the same floor where the HP media event took place last night. Had a chance to chit chat the other winners from India( Nazia and her mum), New Zealand (Tyford and her sister), China, Philipines and also 2 fashion bloggers from Japan. (Reina and Moe). Our guide for today’s hotspot tour is Jessica. She is such a doll and bubbly. The cosy bus brought us To few places where the series and movies of SATC were shot. There were also cupcakes given to us at the end of the tour. By 1230pm, the driver dropped us at Wall street, which was also very close to our hotel.
The setting of the media event last night that I missed
Was that a King Kong up there?I simply love this slim buildingMr Big and Carrie favorite dine in placeJessica, our bubbly tour guide of the Hot spot tourMoe and ReinaWest SideThe Magnolia Bakery
i love to take picture of Doors at every countries that i'm visiting. It's a gesture of opportunities.
one of the winner from China. super tall
Wall Street..i used to see this on tv...now im HERE...
stay tune for more updates on NEW YORK...

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