Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mission Impossible 4

One thing for sure, Mission Impossible 4 (MI4) simply rocks my socks off. I was one of the lucky people that received the invitation from Esquire Malaysia to attend the Paco Rabanne : MI4 premier screening exclusively. 
the invitation card..
Its not your usual premier screening as it was held at Platinum Suite, Cathay Cineplex Damansara.Friendly staff of Esquire, Ms Jolyn was in charged at the registration counter that started at 530pm. 
let's go in
registration counter..brought to you by Paco Rabbane and Esquire
Later, we met busy as bee Ms. Laura, the Circulation Executive of Esquire that assist us to the lounge area for some 'light refreshment'. Thank you for your hospitality. We feel very welcomed. :) 
And the light refreshment, turned out to be a full dinner meal which was very generous of them.. :) it was delicious too.

love the environment the huge garfield at the back left?

time to dine in..the food was really good
Paco Rabanne makes you feel like million bucks because it is made out of "GOLD" well literally. The perfume are not too strong and just nice for my liking. :) 
for the ladies

and not forgetting a gold bar replica that cost a million..neah just kidding
Suits with the whole idea, its almost like a gold class experience here for the MI4 premier screening! Luxury sometimes smells like million bucks.
Nice decoration
And how could i forget...ESQUIRE time to chill a bit..some juicy stuff in here..get yourself the mag!
After some photo camwhoring with B, Yee Pee and Ashton, we finally went in and sat on these comfy chairs that can be reclined up to 140degrees.
the comfy..just press a button and the staff will immediately come to your rescue
I wasn't expecting much about MI4 even tho i heard a lot of my fellow friends and also the review given was good. I just dont want to get disappointed like how i felt for DRIVE starring Ryan Gosling..Anyway those who are ardent fan of action packed, suspense and Tom Cruise (yes, he still have his move sway stylishly for a 49 years old!) I dont want to be a spoiler so go and watch it..coz it was that good. Even better when you are watching it at Platinum Suite cathay Cineplex where you could just lie comfortably and enjoy the whole experience.
After the movie ends, we were told that we could hang out the lounge area. So we sat and ate again, chit chatting till it almost 10pm. :P . I had fun with great company, good food, awesome movie and what better way than spending the whole evening on a cozy and exclusive event.
we settled for a cube and chatted all the way :P
With Lim Yee pee (far left) and Laura (far right) before going home
And we got ourselves samples for both male and female version of paco Rabanne
Thank you Esquire for the invitation! :) Hope to attend more of your events. add them in FACEBOOK and TWITTER for more contests/promotions line up.


Unknown said...

Luxurious! :D Glad u enjoyed the movie hehe

Wan Amira said...

the event looked so menarik and i pun tertarik.. congrats Devi.. more winning to come :)

Mabel Lai said...

The seats look so comfy!! Lucky you =)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

HI Ivan,

Yes, the movie was really good as u've mentioned. thanks

chewah siap beritma lagi comment tu. thanks babe. u too more winning! :)

mabel lai,
yes, lucky me. hehe


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