Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Richard Marx-Live in Genting Highland, Malaysia

11 Dec 2011- A day that probably I'll be Right here waiting for the one and only singer-songwriter music legend, Richard Marx as his songs will be remembered for Now and forever!

It was indeed a memorable night for me to be there at Genting Highland, above the clouds literally. Finally I was able to watch the legendary Richard Marx serenading few of his best singles hits live in conjunction with his World Tour 2011. I used to listen to his music on radio or even watching his video clip on MTV..u know those were the years with his famous big hairdo (probably Disney The Lion King gotta do with it), but having said that, listening live and being like few metres away from the stage was even way better coz it was almost dreamy! 

Among some of the numbers sang and played just with his acoustic guitars and piano were Endless Summer Night, Keep Coming back, Hazard, Now and Forever, Don’t Mean Nothing, When You Loved me (latest single) and of course the finale before he ends his acoustic evening-Right Here Waiting. The almost 3000 crowd was cheering and this man really rock the night smooth and so fine! It bring down memory lane almost to the spine..hehe

Thanks to NTV7 for those tickets and im glad I was fortunate to witness one of my idol since I was 14 that very night!
got my tickets..let's enjoy the show
waiting and waiting...just like the title of his big hit song
Finally, 20 minutes later after local indie artiste, Liyana finished her opening act, finally the man that we have been waiting for humbly dazed in the stage. The rest of it, like they say- a history to be remembered. This multi-talented icon simply keeps us amazed with his soulful voice almost like a ghost whisperer that hypnotized us into supernatural encounter. Wohhhh… 
He can write good music, sing beautifully and play the guitar so well..woaaaaaaa
local indie artist Liyana Fizi was lucky to be performing with Richard!
I think he is kinda cool dad too judging by how his passion for music has basically been absorbed silently by his 3 teenaged boys. Synonym with his latest album titled Stories to Tell, he indeed  has a lot of interesting stories that he shared with us that night. Like how he finally agreed that “Women Are Always Right!” statement as he refers that to his wife, Cynthia. And how he was really into this mysterious dark series that he actually wrote and composed the big hit HAZARD. And how he told us about his best friend, the late Luther Vandross where they both created one of the most beautiful song “dance with my father” that earned them the 2004 Grammy Award! He even jokingly said perhaps the ghost of Luther are with us that night watching us..
Performing with his sons virtually on If only you can SAVE ME
He also made his way down stage to mingle with the fans..darn u VIP seaters!
Another funny story was when he was writing This I Promise You for Nsync. The screaming girls towards this POP boy band was absurd, he knows pretty well where he stand. not until came a screaming young girl towards him while he was walking out from the secret location while collaborating with NSync at that time. He was just about to - oh well kinda rise on cloud 9 when that girl asking “R u Richard marx?” , before he could be flying up, “oMg…my mum really loves you!” so there, he knew that he cant compete with the boy band vibe but tell all you want, I on the other hand feel that he still has his charm, wit and yes looking far more better than he was during the 80’s or 90s. Honestly, he looked dashing for a 48! That man can really sing and play the guitar/piano so well! It was as if he breathes through the notes and rhythm of music. I'm still clueless on how he could actually wrote those deep meaningful lyrics and he still does. Inspiring! 

he look better at 48! not missing the big hair do
The last song - Right here Waiting - *.*
Thank you NTV7 for giving me the chance to reminisce and walk through memory lane. I truly enjoyed it!

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