Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Delighted and happy coz the photo and short story I send about mum on POH KONG FB fanpage contest just earned me a gorgeous 750 GOLD RUBY pendant. Hopefully i could received it earlier so that i could give it to mum as Mother's Day gift. Something that you win or earn are much more valuable than you buy on your own. think about it. heheehe

I went back to hometown that Friday night (6 May 2011) and only my parents were home as the rest have not back yet. So we spend good times chatting away and eating durians that night..:P

Then come Saturday morning, I called POH KONG Alpha Angle outlet to find out if the gold pendant has arrive. Good has arrived. So after delicious brekkie of porridge, fried egg mixed with tauhu, anchovies and fish..i catched the next earliest bus to KL. I told mum i have some urgent matter to do in KL...kekeke...mum don't really ask much..well that's my mum..but i have told dad yesterday and it should be kept as a surprise so hopefully dad keep his lips sealed. :P 

I managed to buy the 11am bus and 2 hours later, I arrived at Pekeliling Bus stop, KL
the 11am bus ticket
Then i quickly bought the 3pm bus from KL to Mentakab as I'm going back home soon after collection of the Gold pendant. Joshua and B were there waiting but B need to rush for a meeting so I took Joshua and drove to Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju. 
Poh Kong, Alpha Angle outlet
Waited almost 30 minutes as the person in charge have to settle some things with her clients at that time. Finally i collected those gift.. cant wait to surprise mum tonite.
hehehe..finally can surprise mum tonite
 Just as I am rushing back to Pekeliling to catch my bus, massive jam along Jalan Genting Klang. dont ask me why..but thank God, B managed to settle his things and meeting point at Genting Klang before we reached at the bus stop 5 minutes before 3pm..muahahahahaa....
4 hours journey to and fro Mentakab-KL-Mentkab was worth it for special soul like my mum..
On board and finally im heading home...relief. We need a little adventure in our life from time to time, and i guess this amazing race was kinda fun and yeah it was worth it! 

That night we went out for dinner with parents, Moly, Puspaa, Ronnie and his wife, Sree to celebrate Mother's Day in the most simple way. Handover those gold pendant to mum and I have no idea why on earth did i utter 'Take care" followed by bursting of laughter from everyone. 
sorry only this delicious fish i remember to snap it nicely, vegie, chicken lemon, crispy butter prawn and sizzling Japanese tauhu  are gone within seconds..yummylicious..:P
Just after we finished our dinner,  a stranger came to the shop and showed everyone his catch of the day. A gecko from the jungle. go figure what he is going to do next. But i think this little creature kinda cute. No?
Hye there!
Amma (as how i called her) , I simply love you because you are amazing the way you are!!!! Hope you like the gift..:)

Good things come with small packages...nice
I love you Amma, hope you like it! :)
Thank you POH KONG and the manager, Mr Edison for his assistance! and Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

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