Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wakeboarding..I've made it! YEAHHH

Basically you saw how i keep falling in my previous post HERE , right?  Well...the same goes in our life too..we keep falling but the most important value in life is that the feeling to fight back and we must keep rising back up from each fall..

Ahem ahem...i might not be a pro, but i certainly try to give my was a slow start at the beginning...but after few rounds of 'testing'....tadaaaaaa...bolehlah. finally i could slightly stand tall and proud that i've made it!!! muahahahah. after watching this video, i could still feel my body aching from last week activities.but it was worth it.kekeke

Just the minute i get the feel of 'standing' on the water with the fresh air 'slapping' my face, the memory card of my compact camera has run out of space, so just managed to hv some of the photos taken as below:
tskkk tskkk tskkk
it was thrilling to be standing on the water ...literally...
oh yeahhh...come and join watersports..its the soul and bone!

Gary has been very accommodating and really friendly..he loves to jokes around so that we don't feel so tensed up. if you guyz want to try please contact him personally at Performance Water Sports 
Mines Wellness Resort, Mines Resort City. 
tel: +603 8944 2866 or +601 6269 0081
Closed on Mondays (except for Public Holidays)

Overall the whole experience just raised my interest in this extreme watersport few steps higher. And u bet, I'll be coming for more! Thanks Dealmates, Gary and Li Li! i really enjoyed it to the max.


The DealMates Team said...

You managed to stand up in the end!! hehehe awesome :D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said... last..heehehe..thanks btw.hope more great deals coming our way


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