Monday, October 24, 2011

Office being raided by Nesvita & Flyfm!!

Woots! the title explains it all. It was in conjunction with their online contest at FlyFm (On the Spot Raid Office Edition)brought to you by Nesvita 3 in 1 where you need to register your office and submit a slogan on why FlyFm should raid your office. I've been drinking Nesvita 3in1 every weekdays morning for almost 4 years now. Yes, i am addicted to this drink beside plain water. I've submitted last Thursday and I was one of the lucky person to be selected. They call me the next day itself!. So to dish away those Monday blues and to kick start our motivation for the entire week, it doesnt get any better than this. We got some extra energy booster with the FlyFm crew coming to our office as early as 945am to set up the props, bunting plus arranging some prizes to be given away later. That's not all, they even cater some food for us.
Bunting are all set up
The mugs, foldable recycle bag and Nesvita 3in1 - my breakfast every morning
Training going on, everyone was paying attention on the board, but I think at back of their mind, most probably they are waiting what does FLyFm crew are up to later.eheheheh
The goodies
About 11am, Hafiz and Nadia (both cheerful DJs of FLYFM) entered with a round of loud and cheerful energy of applause. After some brief introduction, we had chance to test our bowling and mini golf skills. Best of all, the 1st winner to strike the bowling pins and manage to beat hole in one will win RM50 cash each. There was also lucky draw where some lucky participants received Ipod Shuffle, Seagate Harddisk 320GB and another RM50. cool eh? everyone went back happily with the Nesvita mug and recycle foldable bag. :)

Trying the mini golf
Almost strike, so close yet so far
The happy winners!
Nonie, Nadia and me!
Yeah, Rm500 cash,  hamper worth RM200 from Hafiz and Nadia! we meet again!
There are plenty more food after the caterer left. dont worry,,we will finish it..:)
Everyone was happy and charged up for this wonderful raid up! Apparently Nesvita will be contacting me for the rest of the hamper worth RM2,000 soon.
Group picture..!!
Thank you so much FlyFm and Nesvita for choosing my entry and we had fun with the crew this morning. Add them in Facebook and keep listening to FLYFM! you never know, you might be the next lucky winner! Stay optimistic and keep FLYing peeps!

Check out the video HERE 


Wansteddy Tales said...

Tahniah Devi! Suka tengok opismate yg happening tu ;D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you wan..bolehlah..happening sebab dpt hadiah..hehehe


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