Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BISOU bake shop - Jumbo cupcake

I was thinking about something sweet today and suddenly the thought of cupcake came into my mind. Well let me relate to my 'feast' with a jumbo size cupcake that get me sugar rush for few days..Few months ago, Harper's BAZAAR Malaysia updated their status on a promotion giveaway, my eyes were wide open for a sec. It accompanied by a photo of comparison between the Jumbo size cupcake and a normal cupcake. 
pic courtesy from Bisou Bake shop/Harper's Bazaar FB wall..
Yup it was that huge, all heavenly made with love from the friendly staff of Bisou Bake Shop! .
And to win one of this Jumbo cupcake worth RM110, all i have to do was to email to Harper's Bazaar by telling which are my favorite cupcake from Bisou Bake Shop & why. Then lucky strikes, an email stating that i've won and in order for me to collect this Jumbo yet cute cupcake, I need to inform in advance at least 3 days prior to the date of collection. So one fine Saturday (after reservation made), I went to their KLCC outlet to get a glimpse of this colourful & vibrant Jumbo cupcake.
Located at Level 3, Suria KLCC..just beside the TGV Cinema
Some of their signature cupcakes
I was intrigued by its colourful love shaped 'confetti' on top of this DARK SECRET.
I can actually smell the nice vanilla plus chocolate flavor upon reaching there. The staff are friendly and efficient. They also recommended some of the other signature cakes and cookies. It was so colourful and cute that I felt it was hard for me to eat them.

Bisou Bake Shop first started in June 2007 at Asian Heritage Row but now they have expanded and open another 2 outlet which one in KLCC and another in Bangsar. Seems like a trend nowadays that most people craving for cupcakes, besides its a good gift for celebration too.
The packaging was equally creative too
The minute I received it, I just couldnt resist but to open the box to have a peek.
Temptation can be a guilty pleasure..ehehee
But its okay, i wrapped it up to bring home and share it with others.. grrrr :)
Drooling right,,,creamy on top
It was one of the best cupcake ive really
I tried my level best to not 'hurt' the cake, but i couldnt help it. The nicely decorated moist creamy cupcake just need to be eaten as it was too tempting. It wasnt too sweet which was perfect and the best of all the icing was soft but with rich dark chocolate flavours. The cake was moist and yummy. 

You may add them on Facebook and check out their website for more cravings..:P If you are planning for birthday parties, celebration or even just for some snacking time, who knows you might find your liking there.

Thanks to both Harper's Bazaar and Bisou Bake i'm craving for one..maybe will go and get it later..byeee


Grace Foo said...

wow......such a big and yummy cupcake....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yes it is ...go and try it..very nice!


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