Friday, January 6, 2012


I bet every souls in this universe love receiving prizes...hrmm right?...that include the aliens that has landed on Earth as well. Having said that, I'm organizing my 1st ever giveaway through my humble blog. If you want to receive some of the prizes below, then read further.
Pantene shampoo, E! notepad, CD, Nivea for men, Nivea lotion and carefree..pick your prize
 The mechanics of this giveaway are going to be very simple and the details are as follows:

1) Be my blog's follower. (if you are not a blogger, its about time to become one!)

2) Comment on this post about anything eg ur resolution for 2012, what is ur dream destination, itemlist etc

3) Leave your blog's URL  eg. after the comment

4) Share this giveaway on your blog 

5) Wait for the winner announcement through Lucky Draw

This giveaway will starts from today 6/1/2012 (coz its TGIF!) and ends on 29 february 2012. So what are you waiting for, act now! its so simple..i might throw in more prizes if the response it good! so get your bloggers friends to participate this easy breasy giveaway. Let's see who going to be the lucky ones!

Terms and condition: Must be an human Malaysian blogger.  


Mummy ZaraZarif said...

My resolution for my children in the year 2012 to be a good mother,spend more quality time and give good education to both my son & daughter.

My wishlist 2012:
-Go to Paris
-Renovate house
-New phone *for sure the latest model..huhu..
-Get pregnant *Twin baby hopefully...

Mummy ZaraZarif said...

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

wah ..1st person to comment! thanks :) all the best!

abazilah said...

i'm joining . :)

BONAMANAcloset said...

hye. I have so many resolutions for this year. I wanna be better,smarter, healthier. I hope I will finish my study (one sem to go) with flying colors. And become a good engineer.

my url:

Cikrosecute said...


tunz said...

mamatunz join!!

Eyvon said...

Joel Leslie said...

hey there! I would love to join in! :)

> To get excellent results for future exams especially PMR (grrr)
> To be healthier and more sociable.
> To own a new phone and win gadgets through Facebook (Amen to that!)
> To have new friends :)

here's my entry ->

thank youuuu!

zietyrahman said...

Hi Devi. I wanna join ur GA.
my resolutions for 2012
- i wanna be a better person
- i wanna have my own car
- i wanna be a good teacher
- i wish i will have a good reunion with my collage friends

Mama Ishazah said...

im joining
my resolution it's to be a better mummy for my children and a good wife to my hubby..hope my familiy can get prosperity in our life n always healthier..amen..

Zuraida Rahim said...

I join

Thn 2012 bercita-cita untuk berhenti kerja dan bekerja dari rumah

tidiey77 said...

Bestnya menjadi insan seperti Devi.Seringkali bertuah jika masuk mana2 conetst di Malaysia nih.You are the greatest inspiration to all.Good luck in any contest you join.Lets battle...Hehehehehe...

Nida said...

Hi... I would like to join..:)

id follower: Nida:

My dreams:
1. Ingin punya kamera Nikon D4.
2. Ingin berjaya dalam kerjaya (Guru Cemerlang)
3.Ingin bawa keluarga melancong ke negara Eropah.
4. Ingin sambung belajar ke peringkat sarjana.


Celine said...

My new year resolutions are:
- Be smarter
- Be more hardworking
- Do things people would be happy with
- Be healthier
- Get 5A for my UPSR

this is my link :)

Pink Lavender said...

hi dear..

join ur GA

hasmiza said...

sy join..

wish nk mennag contest byk2 thn ni..hikhik

id follower & fb: hasmiza abas

♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...


Impian pd tahun 2012:

-Renovate rumah
-New camera..Nixon pastinya!
-Melancung ke Langkawi ngan keluarga.
-Melihat Anak-anak berjaya dalam pelajaran.

Terima kasih.

k.nana said...

nak tambah anak
nak jadi isteri and bonda yang terbaik
nak jadi pekerja yang cemerlang
nak tambah side income bebyk

Hani Syahida ✿ said...

Hye, I would like to join this giveaway

I'm going to do my PhD this year. Hope everything goes well.

Lina said...


Resolusi 2012-
- Nak tambah keluarga.

affafkusayang said...


Nadratul Syazwana said...

Best result in SPM! :')
and makes my parents proud of me

Ummi Rayyan & Rayees said...

Me join...

ummi_norseha said...


impian thn 2012
-new car
-new house
-bahagia and ceria disamping orang2 tersayang
-menjadi seorang yang lebih baik dari tahun lepas

Elia Laily said...

elly join..
my resolution make this year better and more fulfilling than last year ..

id follower: elia_laily
email :

Elia Laily said...

elly join..
my resolution make this year better and more fulfilling than last year ..

id follower: elia_laily
email :

MeRy said...

Here is my blog's link for this giveaway contest :

My resolution for 2012 :
- be a good mother for my little boy
- be a good wife for my dearest hubby
- hope to get my Msian PR soon.

The One said...

Done every steps require, & also my own blog to promote the GA(not contest blog of course) hahah, here is the link.. Please check it out! It would be my honour! C:

2012 Resolution? Dream destination? Item list? Oh well basically I'm simple person and easily to be satisfy, what important to me is the friends and family, as long they are healthy and live happily, than i think that's already worth for everything, of course things are easily to be say than done, and that's why action always speak louder than action. Think back of it, I hope that i can update myself & knowledge i have, & live life to the fullest, and not easily been blind by those materialistic thing, what matter is inside! Sincerely from me - Maxloon120 Ban Leong C:

gadis pekan said...

Hi, i'm joining:

2012 Resolution

* short-term: load high blog traffic by organizing, joining & sponsoring GA; hope for winning many contests too ;p

*intermediate: hope to get good result in my recent Masters programme so that get good position once back to office ;p

* long-term: be a good servant to God, good wife to hubby, good daughter to parents & PIL, good sister to siblings, good worker to my boss (MOH), and good person to relatives, friends & others.

My Wishlist

* celebrate my 4th wedding anniversary this year at Karambunai Nexus Hotel/Sepang Golden Palm Tree * start building our dream house as early as this April 2012
* own a stable & recognized blogshop & fanpage to earn extra income
* own a scuba diving licence from PADI @ Semporna, Sabah
* really hope to get twin/ triplets baby ;p amen

.... and the list go on ....

Pray Hard

my blog entry to promote GA:

gadis pekan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azwan Azri said...

I resolve to manage time wiser,
Shed some weight to be healthier,
Balance contest life and real life like a boss,
Strive to be strong not wuss,
Study all subjects avidly and ace to the max,
Keep under pressure even though my schedule is jam-packed!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

The contest giveaway is officially closed. Thank you so much for all of your participation. I'll pick the lucky winners based on soon. so stay tune and all the best!

Last but not least, hope that your resolutions is achievable!

Devi da lil devil

MeRy said...

finger crossed *** Hope can win this giveaway.
Good luck all..

enviar mensajes claro said...

i'm joining too . :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi envier,

sorry to inform you that the giveaway has ended.


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