Monday, February 6, 2012

I love My Kia Forte Koup

So while i was hunting browsing for some information in the world wide web, I came across the advert below:
Aaaaaahhhhh...temptation kicks in...emotion running wild with imagination of that sexayyy thang while I'm driving this beauty and painting the town red.
Orait the truth is, I have so many things planned out during these dates 11-15th Feb 2012 (Hint hint). But first i need to have a reliable mode of transportation. You see, on 11 Feb morning I need to be somewhere in Hulu Langat and tried out bamboo rafting.
bamboo rafting-*pic source from google.
Immediately after that, I have to go back to my lovely hometown, Mentakab Pahang. So to make the road trip simply exciting and adventurous than the norm, I was thinking of test drive this beauty along Karak Highway. 
karak highway-*pic source from google.
Cruising the lush greenery with much anticipation this place could offer. Next is to surprise my parents and go for a ride before indulging with some makan-spree at this town. Then head to the nearest beach-was thinking of Cherating!!.. and chill out like we used to do. Along the way, stop over for some more makan and KODAK moments. :) And if we are lucky, maybe to check out the turtle sanctuary too. 

So the Question now is Why I love my Kia?
Because RED is my colour of passion,
Not forgetting KIA Forte Koup as my latest addiction,
Cute, compact and a model that ignite inspiration,
Simply blow me away with deep admiration!

What so special about KIA, you may ask,
Forte Koup to be precised is here with an extraordinary task,
No it doesnt need any superpower or painted with special mask,
Just represents simplicity and exude seduction with a bask!

Oh well so what if I am an attention seeker,
Dont we all sometimes act like some sort of a swagger,
With contradiction that i beg to differ,
Anyway..just can wait to drive move like Jagger!.

And please check out a simple 'animation' that ive created for your viewing pleasure. Jacky's confident level raise few steps higher after falling in love at first sight of the KIA Forte Koup.

Pssttt...hope I win this so that I could have a sexy ride for Valentine's Day!

whatcha waiting for submit your entry asap! :)

You may add them on FB HERE and all the best!


Maxloon120 said...

Hahah good luck & all the best k!^^

Charlton Gomes said...

Wow! Another poet! Nice poem you have there. All the best. :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you! :)

thank you :)

rawsktar said...

camane bamboo rafting? best tak?

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

best jugak..nanti i update blog..sekarang bz memanjang dgn pc baru..hehehe


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