Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Skytrex Rox!

Just to keep the hype going after some cool bamboo rafting the week before, ive decided to finally use up my Skytrex vouchers that has been ‘hiding’ inside my contest winning envelope. So i made a reservation with the Skytrex management and decided to finally give it a try on Saturday, 18/2/12. It was the Extreme Challenge which was also the 'toughest' compare to Little Adventure & Big Thrill. Only come Friday that i realised i still have not find a partner. So as i was facebooking, i just asked randomly to Fatin and YES, she is very much interested! Cool! The beauty about contests is that it made our ‘connection’ to access anything anytime anywhere easily. Hahaha...not quite coz firstly we need to put some effort to own it. Orait back to Skytrex, Fatin actually applied leave that Saturday and invite her friend to tag along, happen to be Ruxyn won the vouchers from the same contest under Castrol Malaysia too. Unfortunately she had exams so she just pass it to Fatin.
weeeee....crawl, walk, slide, glide swing..etc
Then it was Saturday morning, Fatin wakes me up and asking where am I. We supposed to meet at bangsar lrt about 840am. Little did I know she was almost there after meeting up with Ruxyn. I rushed to Bangsar Lrt after shower and poof was there at Luckily that Fatin was quite familiar with Shah Alam area since she used to study we reached there before 10am only to be disappointed by the rain! The staff at the Skytrex counter told us if the rain doesn’t stop then we might have to reschedule to another day..WHAT???? so as we waited and prayed hard so that the rain will stop, Fatin’s fren, Niza finally arrived.  Surprised to see that the crowd are getting bigger as most came here to visit the Rumah 4 musim. Entrance fee is only RM3.
RM3 only..come let's enter!
There are also bike for rent, jungle trekking and some interesting places to be visited. But maybe next time coz we are all hyped up to try this. Especially ive always wanted to try this but always has to be turned down due to non kakis and tangans plus not the right timing. Having said that, suddenly we were asked to wait at the bus stop where their colourful shuttle ride was parked. It was still raining but so long there’s no lightning or thunder then we are good to go.
water bottle casing for rent
After 10 minutes of waiting and our shuttle are fully loaded with Skytrex enthusiasts ahaks, finally the driver took us on a joyride passing by lushful green through a winding road uphill and downhill. Upon arrival we were asked to register and sign the letter of indemnity..there was where I saw how high the platform where we are about to venture in..gulp!  Suddenly i’m not only feeling excited but nervous as well, seems like butterflies in my stomach started to kick in. We bought gloves at Rm3 as protection for our hands. And rent the water bottle casing to avoid being dehydrated and locker to keep our backpack. Since we do not want to miss our mischievous act like a monkey, we bought along our compact camera and place it together inside the water bottle casing.

First and foremost, we were asked to head up to the main point where the marshals will help us out to put on the harness, later we were brief on all the safety precautions and method how to handle the pully and #forgot what it was called# while we are up there 22m high above ground.
come and get your harness
orait guyz, if u r afraid of height, this is the best time to admit and get out of here!..neah just kidding
After all that talking, let’s put it into practise. We first climbed a ladder that was like 10 steps up, and did our first flying fox. Testing done, later we were left pretty much on our own. Niza went first, she climbed like almost 2  stories high and then did her first flying fox while screaming her lungs out. Suddenly one of the platform crack after one white guy stepped accidently on it. Then we were told to hold on as the team pull a plywood from bottom to up and fixed it immediately. high up to climb the stairs
now i feel like im in a quest to find some treasure at the end of this --indiana jones i was!
As i climbed the stairs, it wasn’t all that scary till i reached the top and was standing at the platform,,, was slightly windy and i looked down...thanks to my ridiculous curiosity..hahahha...feeling a little fear, but no turning back i rest my self into a sitting position and off i slide like a flying fox that wasn’t bad..hehehe... after reaching to the end, i need to crossed over on a spider web up, and slowly we venture into other extreme challenges that was equally mind blowing and testing our mental, physical and spiritual. I almost give up at one of the challenges coz i was just too drained out. But as we gave some moral support towards each other, it was all good.  We did the monkey bar, walked through broken pieces of wood steps, even walked on a single cable cord!  But the most challenging for me was the pipe task as it was slippery and wobble like a bubble. 
hanging tough! hehee
like a spiderweb
But all in all, i really had fun doing it and don’t mind to come again next time. This was fun! I feel like a jungle woman was certainly breathtaking to able to do all these in the beautiful jungle with lots of greens up in the fresh air.
look down
this surprisingly was the easist for me, provided i keep my balance right..hehe
i was drained out ..but the ride must go on!
This was the toughest for me..the pipe are slippery and wobbly.
Orait, even thought Skytrex seems like a cool adventure stuff, but always ..always remember that SAFETY comes first.  Buckle your harness correctly based on diagram on each challenges,  never take for granted or you may fall and crack a bone or two or perhaps committing a suicide death. Muahhahaa....did i just scare you off? anyway just go, try it and have fun,,orait? I promise you it will be fun! oh ya thanks to CASTROL MALAYSIA for the vouchers!
see no evil. hear no evil and speak no evil..yeah was wicked ride altogether!
 Finally we pumped our adrenalin for some 34 extreme challenges! some are 22m high so to speak. the trail r simply rocking like a mum cradling the baby chair..furiously..LOL. thanks Fatin and Niza for a great workout on saturday morning. thank god the rain stopped or else we might hv to rescheduled for another day..since that doesnt was certainly a day filled with enjoyment, thrilling, anticipating and some weak knee shaking..muhahaha


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