Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lil'Devil is on the way to Youngest Country on Earth!!

Woots...sorry for my temporary dissapearance from this blogging world, truth is ive been lazy..yeah really lazy to even start talking about my im gonna lay out the truth as you are reading this..I am probably having my dinner up up away or maybe switching channels with the inflight entertainment buttons from few thousand miles above land..yeah i'll be flying..flying to my dream destination that has been keeping inside my brain and soul long enough ..definately longer than the queue of when Apple Ipad was firstly launched in the market.

okay here is the history..what happened 2 weeks ago was that one of my fren, Badz told me to join mytv3 contest for a chance to win a trip all expenses paid. (So thank you very much BAdiuz!!!) When people around me mention travels ,trips, contests and specifically katak biru--i for no reason will be easily get excited. But deep down i was thinking hrrrmmm...its definately not gonna be an easy win. Mytv3 is very popular among local malaysians and I guarantee it gonna be a tough competition. Who dont want to be able to travel to another country where everything are taken care of which sum up almost worth RM30K!!!! A truly lifetime chance i should not missed..i repeat should not MISSED!

So with that in my mind, i continue to dig all my adventurous pieces of my life with some 'showing off' or i would like to put it as - its not a crime being a true narcisstic! And my whole Saturday afternoon was well spend....searching for ideas and editing and more photo digging..

I managed to find all the answers and finally did a video "why do i deserve". Here you submission to mytv3

and after deliberation suddenly on Monday 2/4/12 just a day after April's Fool day I received a call from the host of mytv3 himself , AIDID MARCELLO. The ironic is i just did a prank joke on my FB status yesterday that "I'll be migrating to New Zealand tomorrow!..yeay" much to non-amusement reaction from all my family & friends.ahaks! ok back to Aidid, so as he was interviewing and said i was shortlisted, i straight away didnt put much hope coz being shortlisted is just 50% success - YES OR NO. but not after he asked -
aidid :do you have a valid passport?
me : ya. ..
aidid : (pause) ..ok you terpilih lah
me: (silent)..boleh ulang semula tak? i kena pilih?..meaning one of the winner?
me-: (terus jerit tak ingat dunia)... (screaming my lungs out that i almost forgot the world) kkekekekee
aidid: ok ok ini yang kita nak,,sekarang tarik nafas dalam dalam dan relax dulu. (basically he ask me to shut up) LOL
me : OMG OMG.that is my dream destinastion..tangan kaki i dah sejuk ni..menggigil keseronokkan aidid..terima kasihhhhhh!

ok enuff of the short clip of the conversation, now u know where is the youngest country on earth...OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...NEW ZEALAND...lil'devil is coming !!!!!!

thank you god for giving me a lifetime chance like this..truly appreciate it and im grateful, blissed and blessed! thanks to my parents that has always show me love and hardship in their very own way and my crazy siblings that i love them to bits..oh is certainly has been sweet..and its getting sweeter! 


Bunga Bunga Cinta said...

congrats dear.... u patut menang... :)


wah devi!!!!! bestnyerrr.. so akan masuk tv lah kan? happy for you... and dah pg jauh2 tue buat giveaway lagi kat belog jugak ye.. hadiahnye mestila brg2 new zealand hehe.. hopefully you have a safe journey....

Grace Foo said...

your masterpiece video is awesome...

Chitty Boy and Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chitty Boy and Me said...

Yeah congrats!!!!!

intanloveamir said...

wow!!!!congrats sis...giler best tue...nti bleh la buat GA adiah ole2 from NZ...:))))

Diana Diane Teo said...

Oh my! U won again! Give me some of your luck to me. Hehehe.. Congratulation to you.

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

Bunga bunga cinta-terima kasih! :)

BABY(MAMA AMANA&ARIEF) thank you~good idea :)

grace foo - thank you. u know how much i want to be here right? :)

chitty boy..thank you

intan - yeah mungkin i akan buat jugak

diana-hahaha...thank you babe :) comee join some contests . but u gotta travel a lot of places too :)


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