Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

-Why do I call myself an unstoppable explorer?
I Dare to Dream and lead my life as interesting as possible. that include a lot of outdoor adventure or go camping in the wild! Curiosity keeps me alive and wander about life. And joining contests has been my passion as long as I could remember. Bring me any contests and I will be in it! Best of all, I can still watch my favorite GLEE or NATGEO with Astro-on th go while I'm on it. 

-The challenges I've faced in my most recent adventure and how I overcome it
Recently I packed my stuff and went on a 5D 4N trip to the Island of Gods, Bali . I am an aquaphobia but that doesn't stop me from running my stint of adventure by trying the first water exotic sport in Indonesia, the Underwater Scooter. I was pretty worried the minute I went in underwater, but I got myself composed and just enjoy the whole journey of feeding those colorful fishes without too much worry on the lack of oxygen level .. haha

-Essential gadget I can count on in my adventure?
I desperately need good smartphone that I could count on. Not only I could document all my adventure and travels escapade but also  helping me to be interactive via social media and inspire others to try it too. 

-And how Astro-On-The-Go allows me to continue being the unstoppable explorer? 
Well..super easy - anytime and anywhere I could check out my favorite programmes even while doing my yoga or while relaxing on a hammock after some splashing on an island.

pick me and let me continue being the unstoppable explorer

Astro on the go

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