Sunday, May 5, 2013

PT. Aqua Star Underwater Scooter

The title says it all..yup you got it right! Presenting the 1st and one and only exotic watersport in BALI by PT. Aqua Star Indonesia, the Underwater Scooter. And you don't even have to worry about applying for a 'driving' license! Yes as easy as handling a scooter on land, it works the same underwater...except that this is even better as you could witness the colourful fishes and amazing corals around you. 

So as I was preparing for my 5D4N Bali trip from 28/4/2013 till 1/5/2013, I came across this unique photo uploaded by Churp Churp page few days earlier (Thank you Churp Churp for the heads up!). 
thanks for the heads up..woohooo I've made it!
And as "Dare to dream" + "Living live interestingly" as always been my motto, so I quickly email to with the hope that I could arrange for a try out during my visit. Guess what? Dreams do come true! haha.. So I managed to slot in on 30/4/2013 and bear in mind that only with good weather/water condition that this activities can be proceed. Luck was on my side even though it was raining heavily in Kuta area that morning. 

Almost 1 hour drive from the pouring rain in Kuta, we arrived  at this pristine sun-kissed brightly Nusa Dua beach feeling super excited, anxious, nervous and enthusiastic all in the same time!. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly Mr Alex and Mr Sergey Polovinko. After a short briefing, we are good to go. Before that, I managed to snap some photo of their awesome pool where they teach for beginners in scuba diving. 

Shower room and toilet plus locker to keep your items safe are also provided, so you dont have to worry about your belongings.
shower room
Lockers to keep our belonging before heading to the sea
Mr Alex giving the thumbs up-we are good to go!
First and the only certified in Bali perhaps in Asia, PT. Aqua Star Indonesia gives us an opportunity to be in the water without getting your hair wet and witnessing the colourful fishes flocking your scooter while you are riding on it. How amazing is that?? Don't worry if you can't ride a bike or swim or even dive, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Least you could do is to just press the button and grip the handle to the left or right for direction. This exotic water sport is open to public for US55 per person for almost 25 minutes ride. PT Aqua Star also cater for other activities such as snorkelling, jet skiing, sea walking, etc. 
Our boat is ready. 
So with the arrival of our boat at the shore, we hop on for a ride with colorful parade of water sports activities around us. It was like a scene from James Bond movie minus the Bond, our speed boat seems to know its route perfectly.Just imagine if one of the parasailing rope got dont even wanna explain further. Anyway the synchronization was bizarre yet pretty new to me. I remember seeing only 1 or the most 3 parasailing but far apart from each other. This was like merry go round and you can see banana boat on the other side while 'flying fish' on the other. Pure crazy beautiful chaos on a bumpy ride..:) an eye opener i must say.
The beautiful yet chaotic scene of parasailing, banana boat and flying fish all in one place.
Finally, we reached the spot where we will be doing our underwater scooter. 
The friendly crew that are waiting for us 
check it out, this is the ride!
All crew are well equipped and professional on what they are about to do. Yeah this is pretty big stuff...well at least for me. For the record, I am not be wearing any helmet or with the help of oxygen mask..the water level are up to my shoulder once the scooter are down into the sea. Gulp...not to magic what happen during our Malaysian GE13..just a little science theory put to test here. 
The scooter are set 
the scooter where we will be riding
water pressure are checked before going down
orait..going down down and under...few feet below...
A little scary but once I got myself settled, I felt a little better. But not until i accidently knocked on a coral, that left me feeling a little lost that it effect my balance. Don't ask me what happen next upon reaching up...kekekeeke

But overall I still enjoyed the moment underwater with colourful fishes swarming around us. It was one of the coolest thing wei!
Peace yo! ..Grace and yours truly
Amazing right???? simply awesomeee!
Come check out the video where PT. Aqua Sports managed to capture for us. They even burned the CD of photos and videos of us underwater..yeahhh! Thank you very much. Look so fun right? I bet you are so eager to try it yourself, your mind are probably bugging to book a flight to Bali now itself..hehehe..

So if you are up for something unique and fun in Bali, underwater scooter at PT. Aqua Scooter is a MUST try! With this I must give credit to PT. Aqua Star Indonesia's professional team including their friendly partners/directors, Mr. Alex and Mr Sergey Polovinko. Thank you so much for your hospitality and always ensuring our safety and that's really comforting especially for an aquaphobia like me. So those of you that are reading this and planning to try the underwater scooter, just email to them and mentioned that you get to know from my blog..maybe have special discount for you hehee..
The friendly crew of PT Aqua Star!
Not forgetting to Tune Insure, Tune Hotel & AirAsia for making this trip possible. Thank you! So what are you watching for??, grab that seats from AirAsia, stay in Tune Hotel and never ever forget for travel protection from Tune Insure. Oh Bubbly Bali, I will be back for more adventure! 

For more details of Underwater Scooter, please visit their website at . 
JL. Pratama #112A
Tanjung Benoa,
Nusa Dua Beach, Bali Indonesia
Tel: +62 (361) 9264077 / 772226
Business Hour : 8am - 10pm
Email : /


Yaser said...

Someday i'll ride this underwater- scooter. I curious about that.

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yes you should try..pretty interesting!

Ezna said...

I takut lar......seram x?

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

seram gak..kalau jenis takut air mcm saya..hehee..tapi selamat. :)


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