Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ICONA POP ..popping to Malaysia!

Guess who will be popping to Malaysia soon??? 

And I want you to join with me! yeahhh...For those who has guessed it right, well today is your lucky day..ahem..who knows you might score a pair of Exclusive PASSES (you and a plus one) to watch ICONA POP Live in Kuala Lumpur..yes in our very own KL this 29 December 2013. What's more, its FRIDAY! so time to pop your dance moves like you don't care!  
What??? You don't know who ICONA POP are? oh man..There are probably the coolest Swedish duo that ignite the electro house, punk and indie pop music with pop of trendy fashion's attitude. There are Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo and believe in creating music "which you can both laugh and cry with at the same time". I personally like their effortlessly cool debut single "Manners" and of course their number one hit "I Love It" as well. Both of them has been based in Los Angeles and New York city but unfortunately I didn't get a glimpse of them when I was wandering around Los Angeles on Oct 2013. :P

Anyway, enuff said, I know some of you fashionistas and indie music lovers out there are already excited, so quick listen to this---> There are prizes for you if you could capture your BEST "I don't care, I love it" moments on pictures or videos less than 15 seconds. 

Head on to this #MyIconicMoment contest at , Please REGISTER your details at Warner Music Malaysia (International) before participating. Coz you certainly don't want the organizer to be a CSI and look out for your contact if you win. Let's make it simple and easy eh?

Here is one sample of #MyIconicMoment .

This is #MYIconicMoment at the Grand Canyon, south rim! 
Think you can do better? Don't just sit there and stare, c'mon send in your entry/entries now! good luck and see you soon!

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