Thursday, November 28, 2013

Alicia Keys -Set the World on Fire Tour (KL)

Last night was probably one of the highlight in my concert experience life. honestly. It was one the rare moment when I could feel the strong vibe and energy of a true performer. It was amazingly electrifying that even the rain could not tame the heat of the stage at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. 

The girl that never fail to keep me 'FALLIN' of amazement, the girl that reflect the essence of 'A Woman's Worth', the girl that inspire me every time she rocking her piano effortlessly and 'If I Ain't Got You' it would be probably the worst "Karma' payback ever! And oh yeah, like how I first stepped my feet on the concrete jungle where dreams are made, the streets certainly made me feel brand new oh how I miss NEW YORK. She is the Superwoman, she is certainly The Girl On Fire, she is none other than my music inspiration - give it up for ALICIA KEYS!! and she serenaded all the songs as mentioned above plus --->  No One, Like You'll Never See Me Again, Diary, You Don't Know My Name, Unthinkable, Distance and Time etc. It started at 930pm and ends at 1125pm. 
Backstage..waiting time.
Thank you E! Online & NBC Universal for giving me the privilege to make my dream came true that night! Not only that I managed to score GOLD concert tickets but also MEETING her in person backstage!!! Actually I almost couldn't make it for the Meet & Greet (M&G) session, long story short as I was trapped in a massive traffic, when I suddenly took a risk to just made a de-tour and park the car before deciding to take the Star LRT instead. What a relief that the M&G was 30 minutes behind scheduled..phewwww...rushing and running like mad! So brace yourself..It was like only 20 persons for the M&G which I was one of the lucky person..#blessed. 

And tadaaaaa....Starstrucked! She offered a handshake and we had a brief chat, smile, pose and as I was whisked away by the bodyguard I told her 'Let's set the world on fire tonite Alicia" and she said yeahhh ..i hope you enjoy the show later. AND ENJOY I DID!
Yours truly with ALICIA KEYS! pic by  official photographer of PRWorldWide Mr Danish Ravi
OMG..she is gorgeous! Brilliant live vocals performance ever! Her presence oozes great amount of positive energy with her sultry voice and seductive moves on the dance floor was simply overwhelming. She is the perfect epitome of strong, independent, inspirational woman where she also shares some encouragement words of wisdom. " Just listen to your heart and don't ever let anyone pull you down because everyday is a brand new you and let's set the world on fire!" . 

A great entertainer with her piano

This Girl is ON fire!!
Alicia and her dancers
lean body with great moves
deep !
oh my!
capture the moment
I personally love the Brand New Me-fresh and emotionally gripping. And how she replace NY with KL in her Empire State of Mind score. Her concert performance did make me a little teary at one point as I reflect all the great things happening in my life so far. Dare to Dream! :) Her philanthropy activities are also something that made me have a high respect on her. Fans are roaring for more every time she lay her microphone down. Her dancers kept us in up and high spirit of fascination. She got swag and certainly knows how to connect to her fans through her music.

I truly enjoyed her performance and it was certainly one of the best live vocal concert ever. With that I would also like to thanks Judriena and Shreya of NBC Universal, Kavita and the rest crew of PR Worldwide, Danish Ravi for the official photo of Alicia Keys M&G, all staff and management of Mandarin Oriental for making my "Empire state of mind" simply over the top! 


Unknown said...

Although I wasn't there I can feel the awesomeness of Alicia Keys by reading your blog! Good write up! :)

Lemuel Ong said...

Looks like you had fun! I love the last picture! :D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks was THAT awesome!

thanks Lemuel.. fun it was! :)

Thomas said...

I am big fan of her. I have all album in my music list. She is amazing singer. I Love Alicia Keys <3


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