Monday, December 22, 2014

Magnum Cafe @ Midvalley, KL

The hype was kinda obvious when we wanted to check out some store at 3rd floor of Midvalley, KL. I knew about the recently launched Magnum cafe but I was not expecting the queue to be that long! And since we have ample time before going for another function right after the 8share lunch, we thought why not having a piece of this much talked about magnum ice cream. 

We stood for almost 20-30 minutes for a RM9.90 piece of mixed indgredients of Magnum ice cream with coated chocolate. True to be told, it was 'nice from far but far from nice when eaten'. Anyway thanks Nonie for the treat but we told ourselves that probably first and last.. haha.. It was too sweet and hard to enjoy a savory dessert. But it could be just our liking might not be the same as others. If you have not, you could give it a try and give your own comment. 

Deco of the cafe is nice but limited space to dine in. You may also opt to sit upstairs and order some dessert or hot drinks. 

waiting waiting in line
some high tea pastries
busy scene
painting on the wall
some space upstairs as well
choose and pay first. 

pick and choose
staff with their mouth cover
berry and choco

Nonie wondering how to eat this ice cream?? muhahahaa

ok time to try it
very sweet for my liking
But since we are not the type that would waste food, so finish it but having stomach ache later..hahhaa

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