Monday, January 19, 2015

Ernest Zacharevic's mural in Ipoh

As we were heading home from Gerik to KL, we are contemplating to stop over at Ipoh town for lunch. Grace suggested for us to try out this famous chicken noodle with prawn broth and the egg custard. so we did and it was our first road trip together..surprisingly we only travel to overseas together but this time around it was cuti cuti malaysia! glad we did it!

All the unique murals on coffee shop / kopitiam can be found along Jalan bijih timah, quite close to Plan B / Yasmin Ahmad museum. So if you are heading to Ipoh, check out this places..definitely feels like travel back in time. :)  

we reached there about 3ish pm and lucky it is still available. normally the noodle runs out very fast

egg custard..soft, sweet with thick caramel sauce

nice chicken /prawn noodle with beansprout..

then we went to Yasmin Museum and stayed there almost few hours to watch all her previous works of advertisement and movie. it was so heartwarming. 
that left Grace with tears
old style of lights socket

nice concepts

the old ruin building has transformed into something unique

barber anyone?

hrmmm...what an interesting vibe here
i feel like going back to my school with the chairs and broken windows haha

locked up love

happy? yes

then we just chilled at Plan B for some coffee and iced chocolate ..yummms

grace love it

so relaxing

so if your plan A doesnt work, there's always PLAN B:P

kopi bungkus?


pick one

so 3D like

the old uncle at still wondering why they said he look like a communist activist?
anyway..this is such a cool drawing..

this is a great masterpiece..:) 
ok that;s gonna help out this uncle first..
this aunty so friendly infact still remember grace's hubby for buying a lot of the pomelo from her stall. 
remember to check her stall no 41 for some good bargain!

After that we started our journey back home and cant wait for our coming next adventure in the future. Don't forget to visit and share your photos too. Thanks Ernest Zacharevic for his wonderful masterpiece. 

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