Friday, June 4, 2010

Mircoz-Magic Buffer and Magicurler Review

Hye Monday morning everyone. This probably will be my 1st post on review of a product. I'm helping a friend, Chin Ting to review 2 items from Mircoz. This product can be purchased online at AISHOP from this mid July onwards.

Item no 1: MAGIC BUFFER (Price : Rm12.90 but Now at Rm11.80 only)
orait..just FYI, im not a woman into all this pedicure or medicure coz im afraid the nicely decorated/polished nails/toes will be 'destroyed' by my normal routine. LOL..oh you know why i join contests and love the outdoor. it gives me excuse not to go for pedicure or medicure or even facial. gasp! Anway i was quite amazed with this product. see it for yourself the Before and After picture. It sure do shinning eh?

Directions: Clean your hands then use the coloured buff (Blue Side) surface to smooth nail ridges away from surface. The buff nails with white surface for a soft brilliant shine. Voila.

Benefits: If you use twice a month, it will give your nails smooth edgeswith the nail file and buff your nails to the shine you desire. Cool eh?
Item No 2: MAGICURLER (Price Rm39.00 but NOw at Rm37.80 only)
Directions: 1st Apply mascara at your eyelashes, switch the battery-operated curler on (With 1 AAA battery). Heat for 10 seconds. Then slowly place the curler to the lash to create beautiful lash. Comb it up for few times for better result.
Benefits: This easy eyelash curler is generated by heat to create the curl-perfect long lasting eyelash. simply easy peasy..
If you are interested and wish to get yourself one, please contact
Ms Christine HP: 012-7280408 or you may email her at


ting said...

Thks Uma, hope u like it. :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi it!

ting said...

You can purchase the items at

* Promotion for eyelashes Set & Foot SPA set.

Buy Contact Lenses said...

Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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