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Behind The Scene - Peter Pan The Musical

19 November 2010 Thanks to AllMalaysian Bloggers Project(AMBP) as i was given the privilege with 19 others selected bloggers for the Behind The Scene (BTS) of the First ever Musical at Sunway Lagoon..woots..its Peter Pan The Musical.
So last Saturday at 3pm, all 20 of us were there to witness the theatrical production at the Amphitheatre@ Sunway Lagoon. Peter Pan The Musical will be staged at Sunway Lagoon from 26 November 2010 until 2 January 2011.

We were greeted by the CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr Aaron Soo, who were not only expressive but was also highly anticipated with the London West End theatre professionals. They are accompanied by the boundless talent of the ensemble cast and dancers who are no strangers to productions from Disney and West End. Peter Pan is the heart warming story of a boy that never grows up, i believe the magic of Peter Pan lies beneath in each and every one of us. I grew up watching Disney cartoons and I am still amazed by the wonderful fantasy stories with happily ever after ending. It gives everyone hopes and to be optimistic in life. To be honest, the believe in fairytale is the one that made me want to see and explore the whole wide world in different perspective. Anyway, this musical is Directed Chris Colby and choreographed by David Kort, whom are West End veterans themselves.

“The true essence of the story of Peter Pan is more than just staying young forever. It is about staying true to yourself and having fun. Sunway Lagoon is the perfect venue because it is a place where the young and young at heart come to release their inhibitions, have fun and be themselves.” added Chris.

Then there were short play for us to witness with unique stage sets and props that was designed by Sunway Lagoon’s artiste.I think the whole Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon just went silent the minute Wendy serenading a song. Her voice can easily wipe-out most of the singers out there. Peter Pan too, he is so energetic that you could feel his aura of enthusiasm running around gleefully. i could feel goosebumps..simply cant wait as Peter and Wendy will be literally flying, perhaps some snow comes falling down and whimsical ambience with a yuletide theme.

Captain Hook and Smee..:)

Smee is hereAfter a short play by the principal cast members namely Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee, we were given a chance to interview them and also some photo session.
Peter and wendy... candidEveryone is paying attention to Mr AaronCaptain Hook said this is only a wig..thank god. while Chris looked on on the right Wendy was explaining that our Malaysian weather is hot while its freezing now in London
Its Peter Pan!
The main principal cast

Smee and captain hookSmee simply adorable..:)Captain Hook...dont mess with him Peter Pan and Wendy. Both of them are so bubbly and down to earth
With the CEO of Sunway Lagoon, Mr AaronWe were then escorted to The Lighthouse where they served some refreshment. The orange juice simply quench my thirst almost instantly as it was quite hot outside.

Certainly a West End Production of an experience not to be missed. Coz im on my way to Neverland this coming Friday for their Gala Premier. Ooohhh..cant wait.

Get your tickets at
Sunway lagoon (03 5639 0000)
Ticket Charge (03 9222 8811)

And oh yeah..this i must really give credit to Sunway Lagoon. Coz in conjunction with true spirit of giving this Christmas seasons, they has also urged local homes and associations for the underprivileged to approach them, as they will be allocating up to 400 seats for every show. Kudos for this effort. Please spread out so more kids could watch their first musical right here in Sunway Lagoon. Kindly contact Vanessa Tan / Nikki Goh at 03 7710 3288 to find out how local homes and associations can take part in this magical experience.

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