Friday, February 11, 2011

Paris to Belgium to Amsterdam

Hye everyone, here are the continuation of my Paris trip. Enjoy...
Cute right..but by looking at the car alone, i could feel how uncomfortable both of them in it...ouch
Then we passed by this shop..GUN anyone?

Sex shop. and its 1 euro..go figure...didnt bother to go inside.
A father and son bonding time for a morning walk
Another entrance with huge statue on top of terminal, Gare DU Nord
As the sun rise, the place started to get busy with people rushing to work
After some passing time at the chill morning in PARIS, suddenly hungry feeling kicks in. Stopped by at one the cafe and grabbed a hot chocolate and panini cheese bread+ chicken.

Then we also went to LIttle India of Paris where you could see many indian store and restaurant.
B had his 'thali' set. Thali set consist of rice & varieties of small portion of vegetarian dishes. Many didnt realize that we could always ask for top up (except rice coz that you need to pay for replenishment) with no additional charge. He cant live without rice. ahaks. A decent 11 euro. well much filling than my 7 euro bread but heck im in paris, so i want to eat like a Parisian. :P

OKay time's up, we have a train to catch up. im heading to Amsterdam!
Arrived earlier to Gare du nord and took our luggage. Waited for the train to arrive. While waiting and looking at the time board (it was like a scene in Narnia, somewhat very old and the each block of the board kept changing like im about to hit a jackpot.) Finally the bell rang & its time to board.
We walked almost 300 metres as the train was at the last deck. Thank god for roller luggages.

Checked in and find for our seats.
Alright, not too bad. Get comfortable, took out my jacket as it is quite warm inside and just sit back to enjoy the scenery thoughtout journey.
Train journey has always been pleasant. The scenery was gorgeous especially in officially i was actually in BELGIUM as well.i want my waffles..hehehee...
On a high speed train, the sun shine the place with nice cloudsIts like our malaysian paddy field only that their crops are brown in color the dried branches reflection is lomographic and yes..thank you for the notification DIGI. can somebody stamp my passport??
direct non stop journey after this to AmsterdamBrusselsAlmost sunset now. after nearly 5 hours (even though it was supposed to be 4 hrs stated in their website), we finally reached Amsterdam. it was dark even though it was only 530pmit was really really cold but yet i must admit as one of the greenest country, i could see a lot of trams and bicycle. Over here, you just need to read the maps carefully with coordinated colours, then you will be alright. Most of them speaks good english, so no worries. Forget the meaning of each stops, as long it gets you there, you dont need to worry. But ensure that the ticket you are about to purchase is either for 1 time usage, 24 hours and please dont forget to tag when you are in and out of the tram. failing which, your tag will be void and useless, even if its for 24 hours ticket. I made a mistake the first time, so yeah i learned!
Inside the tram, seems like the seats are lifted up without any chair stand. :P
Brains travel on Bikes
Lucky for us that another couple is heading to Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg too, so that makes it easier as after the last tram stop..the place was total darkness and quiet. Kinda eerie too maybe coz it was already late and the snow has subsides around this neighbourhood. But finally upon reaching the place, we were quite relief. They upgraded our hostel room from 2 bunker beds to 6 .so it was a huge and spacious. It was 39 euro per night per room..Good deal considering that with toilet attached and buffet breakfast for 2 too. :) The hostel is clean, staff are friendly but the only setback that it was not located close to the main city.
Timorplein 21, Zeeburg
Amsterdam, 1094 CC
Phone +31206392929
Fax +31206234986

That's all for now, will update soon about the city where marijuana are legal and how RED Light district has become one of the talk of the town / world for centuries.

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