Sunday, February 20, 2011

Taylor Swift Giveaway

Answer: 1) a.Speak Now
Tell us why you're a fan of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift..hrmm need more to say about this FEARLESS lady?. I simply adore her creativity and credibility in penning her own songs at a very young age. She still does and the fact that she is committed to deliver the best and SPEAK NOW to all her fans out there is simply remarkable. Not forgetting with her humble beginnings that makes her music as if like YOU BELONG WITH ME.It's just like a LOVE STORY when i really hope her 3rd album (LEP Edition) which comes with the Taylor Swift tshirt will be MINE.

I personally loves everything that is poetic / poetry like and her songs are almost relatable to our daily life. There is love, heartbroken, dreams and living life. Her doll-like statuesque and her ability to play the guitar effortlessly is truly a beauty with purity. She great strength of determination and the way she telling a story through her music is something very inspirational.

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