Thursday, February 24, 2011

Online Groceries Shopping, delivery to your Doorstep

Nowadays with the increasing tow of prices and time, everybody is seeking convenient way to managed their time management and also for an equally cost effective criteria. Take for example, when you opt for dining and you are super busy where time is your major concern plus avoiding the headache for parking, traffic jam etc..what you will do? You start dialing the famous number for delivery order, right? Well..for some company and’s a Yes!

And how nice if every little thing in your household are also delivered to your doorstep, right? Wait no more, coz your wish has finally came true as one of Malaysia’s largest  & trusted Online grocer is finally here..Yup..don’t believe me? Check out on my very own experience ‘shopping’ for some groceries at their website at
Simple steps to shop that you might be impressed almost instantly!

As for me, I register myself first by filling up the information as below:

Wah welcome guest gets 50 shopping points..great! Then a confirmation will be sent to your email address as stated earlier.
Now is the interesting part, I started to pick the items needed before adding them in my cart. Simple…I don’t have to find a trolley or carry those bulky items around. :P The best thing about Doorstep is the cheaper and wide range of products, fresh and frozen grocery items delivered to your doorstep on time.

Remember to click on the Up to 50% Discount tab as for great promotion items. Simply awesome right?

Once finish, just click Checkout.  
You can pick your own time slot to receive your goods. Unbelievable right? Is like having a personal maid to help you buy all these things and get it delivered on timely manner…kekeke  
You don’t have to rush to the nearest sundry shop or mall just to find out your favorite household brand has run out of stocks. No more traffic jams, save money and precious time by shopping from anywhere.  Best of all, the website is really user-friendly!
Good to know that Doorstep has its very own refrigerating facility to keep everything fresh.
Currently, the deliveries are within Klang Valley including KL, Ampang, PJ, Subang, and even Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. 
But they are trying their level best to constantly updating the coverage areas as they continue to expand. So fret not, before you know it, they will be in your nearest kampung/hometown.
 These are some of the items that I have added in my cart. Hehehehe. I choose for cash on delivery option..
Once you click the Confirm Order button, the confirmation screen will be displayed and you may also print the invoice for your safekeeping.
And finally during the delivery date, exactly 2pm, one of the delivery man Encik Azrol arrived. He carried all those items on a bucket and we checked the items from the list to ensure it was in order. Simple right?
yeah..finally all my stuff has arrived and I don’t even need to get out of my house. Everything just so convenient by clicking at Doorstep and choose any items I would like to purchase. Once done checking, I paid and signed the receipt. On top of that, it helps to serve the world for a greener environment. I don’t have to drive, no plastic bag and best of all it was delivered right at your doorstep on timely manner.
heheh…now I can keep all my items in the cabinet without any hassle. Imagine carrying all this items around, not only they are heavy but also troublesome.  

So what are you waiting for? come and click the link below for some really great deal and promotions..and CONTESTS too..:)

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