Sunday, May 15, 2011

I MAS Travel -winners revealed

I am not allowed to hope
But I am certainly allow to DREAM..
Hye everyone! Remember the contest about I MAS TRAVEL that i joined somewhere in April 2011? Well..I was one of the TOP 15 finalists! woots!
Please ignore the number of 'likes' that i got..coz i didnt fish for any votes..:p
I didn't pay much attention to it coz 1st it was over 300 ++ entries and secondly 30% voting and 70% are from the panels of judges. I'm not into 'voting' contest coz there are too many phantom/fake voters out there but I joined this coz my passion toward traveling and contests are simply indescribable. So yeah, I was shocked myself to be on the top 15 since I didn't managed to post a video and I didn't fish for any votes for it either. But I was flattered and honour that my piece of work was given a recognition for at least being in the top 15 from a well known brand like MAS. 11th May 2011, all 15 finalists were invited for the award presentation ceremony where only 3 will be crowned as winners.  It was held at Hotel Maya, KL

some came early and was anxious to know the result
After a short briefing by the MAS personnel, En Asmadi, later there was a presentation on another promotion of MAS traveller that would go live from 17th May 2011 onwards. so wait for it guyz! this is especially for all bloggers.
En Asmadi as the MC
 Followed by a short speech by Khairul Syahar Khalid, Head of Advertising and Promotions MAS and also Sales Executive of Yahoo Singapore, Kee Jon-Tjin
Kee Jon-Tjin
Finally the Executive Vice President, Communications, MAS, Raja Zamilia Raja Dato’ Seri Mansur announced the 3 winners which was Shuigao (3rd prize), Emilayusof (2nd prize) and Mysticalmaster006 (1st prize).  Congratulations guyz! Seems like 1Malaysia ..hehehe
3 winners with
As I guessed it right, my hope went to drain..LOL.. Anyway, i am not allowed to hope much in this contest as firstly I didnt submit my video and secondly, my ignorance on the voting point. I still wonder few thousands over really? hahah...i leave that to your own justification. well lunch were served and there were lucky draw given out too. Some of the finalists managed to grab package trip to Bali & Langkawi. In case you wondering, I didnt get it either. ahaks..
Met some of the bloggers like Josh Lim, Emilayusof, Angeline and local media. It was nice talking to you Josh and yeah certainly I'll be joining more of Advertlets activities. 

For the rest of the finalists, we were also given the goodie bag, well at least we dont home empty-handed.
The goodie bag was kinda cool where a MAS traveller messenger bag, a rain coat, t-shirt and replica model of A380 which i fixed it immediately.

tadaaa..nice right?
So that i could continue to remind myself about what I should dream and make it happen..hrmmm..who knows I might be the next recognized travel blogger someday...Dream Big Lil'Devil...Dream BIG!


Wan Amira said...

wah la wei... at least top 15 tu.. dari 300+ entries.. and dapat hadiah too!!

congrats ya

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

top 15 oredi da' besh Devi..keep up your good work :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

em's --thank you. terkejut jugak jadi top 15..hehehe

ayu- thanks for the kata semangat hari tu. :D yes..rasa bersyukur dan rasa teruja untuk menjadikan coretan hidup i menjadi lebih baik..hqehehe

Mama Zharfan said...

congrats devi!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks suzie :)


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