Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Laser Tag TOPSHOT Challenge at Awana Genting (Astrolife)

Hey everyone!. have you guyz heard about laser tag before? Or indulge in this fun activity at least? Some of you might tried the indoor laser tag in Midvalley but the one that I am about to introduce is something bigger, louder & more drama..LOL..okok the Outdoor Laser tag very much remind me of a paintball field only that you would not be going home bruised from the paintball attack unless you hurt yourself during the game. They have all the bunkers and their machine (heavy I must add) and a laser button that are strap nicely on your forehead. You have to aim your opponent and bear in mind that you could reload your 'bullets' just by pressing a button on your machine as long you are still 'alive'. The wireless sensor to gun connections and able to shoot up to 250 meters under direct Malaysian sunlight!

Well, thanks to Astrolife, I had the chance to be in the running with 3 others to form a team for a thrilling, "strenuous" yet fun game of outdoor laser tag at Awana Genting. The event that supposed to start at 730am but we arrived late and well the event haven't started either. :P even though we woke up very early that Saturday morning. Dad drives us there and upon registration we received the awesome goodie bag consist of a Backpack, towel, cap, tumbler, lanyard tag and some snacks to stuff us before the race.  The rest of it, enjoy the photos.
Toilet break upon arrival
The registration counter by friendly Astrolife staff

Our team number 14. The items seems to be imported from the famous series of TOP SHOT
Yeah ..i love this backpack
This is number 14 team, Ronnie, me, Moly and Anand
Dad joined in later as substitute for team 16..hehehe

Every participants giving their full concentration listening to the marshall, Mr James Wong

The bunkers. Remind me of paintball only without those bruises..hahaha

The weapons..military training? hehehe Each have their own name one..dont play play

The cameraman from Astrolife i pressume

Line clear..Mr Jon and Mr James

Dad ready to take position

Dad and I shot the bulleyes..yeah

Ronnie on the lookout - pic courtesy of Astro

We have to ensure our team lights are highlighted for more than 7 minutes.(pic by Astro)

Red meaning we got it shot (pic by Astro)

Get ready to battle (pic by Astro)

Moly are furious with the opponent team because they apparently was having the mole gun. (pic by Astro)
Even though our team didn't make it to the finals but we had fun competing with the other generations..LOL..it was a cool experience and Thank you Astrolife for the opportunity! best of all, we make new friends. :)
We had fun..our group was awesome bunch of rebels

Group photo-armed with the machines and laser on our forehead

After all that tiring game that almost took our breath away, we settled with Kari kepala Ikan Ratha at the foot of Awana Genting. The taste was average..I think mum's kari kepala ikan still the best! :P
Kari Kepala Ikan RATHA
Goodies and i love the backpack..great travelling bag

I had so much fun during the challenge with my siblings. Dad said 

the same thing too just that we stopped him from continuing the 

game as he was out of breath after the 2nd round. What a good way 

to celebrate Father's day! hahaha 

So if you guys are up for some adventure and thrilling time, built a team of 8 (minimum) and give it a try. You may contact 
0165536911 (Mr James) or 0122659249 (Mr Jon) for more 

details.Or if you are shy to talk, you may email them at  


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

it's so cool..you dad so sporting la...2 thumbs up

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

haha..yup memang sporting. siap org Astro sorak untuk my dad during the match. :) thank you


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