Monday, July 4, 2011

TLC at Hilton KL (Thanks to TLC_SEAsia)

We all need some TLC in our life, dont we? some sneak peak what's coming up next in my little world of luxury indulgence...just so you know, I was in Singapore last weekend and just got back this morning, not feeling very well..i must add. The humid and 'amazing' hot weather there just worn me out. I need to chill and what better way than spoiling myself with some great line up. Yeah i need some TLC - tender, loving and care! Well all Thanks to TLC_SEAsia, i have the privilege to meet someone that I've been longing to meet each time her show appeared on TLC channel 707 (formerly known as Travel and Living). Sometimes I do wish i could swap places with her. I mean its always been my dream job..who dont want to get paid to travel, right? :P Orait, back to the line up, to top it off, I was also given complimentary 2 nights stay at Hilton KL. Yup! 5 stars as they rated. What a great way to be welcomed home. So to those who already know who i'll be meeting, Be Jealous , just kidding. But to those that have not, keep guessing..:)
Im checking in..knock knock!
The work station and flat screen tv

Spacious and clean!

Nothing like self snapped moment

Complimentary toiletries in da house
I like it that the toilet are hidden at the back of the shower room
Check it out! well there is a sliding door of course to separate between the toilet and room
Rain shower likey! huge bathroom
The view from above

Welcome arrival gift courtesy of TLC! Thank you!
Orait, i got my travel kit that come in handy..i had my relaxing jacuzzi time to doze off..good nite everyone! come back tomorrow and I'll reveal who I'll be meeting..


Wansteddy Tales said...

Superbbb! wan tgk gambar pun dah tumpang teruja n happy sangat! Tahniah Devi!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

wahhhh syoknya...grats devi :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

wansteddy -- thank you..yup im truly blessed. :)

ayu--memang syok..terima kasih :)


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