Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dinner with Samantha Brown (TLC Travel Goddess)

So I was not only get to stay at 5 stars Hilton, but I was also given the chance to meet someone that I've been watching only on tv all these years. Yes i grew loving her show and her bubbly personality while she explores the world almost 230 days a year!
The anticipating is running high as I am so eager and anxious to meet TLC most lovable Travel Goddess, Samantha Brown! The dinner supposed to start at 7pm, but oh well i have no idea why does this so called 'VIP' need to come late..if you blame it to the traffic, then why did we have public transport like the Monorail/PUTRA LRT/STARLRT or even the KTM located just a stone away from Hilton KL? like Duh? All of us here just want to meet Samantha Brown! Anyway since I'm staying in Hilton, I was there early and managed to catch up with other winners and invited bloggers like Tian Chad, Yi Wern and Helenness.
cant wait to meet her in person
Joey G was the MC for the dinner event and he was trying his level best to keep everyone awake while waiting. :P Finally managed to meet Connie Lim, Marketing Manager of Discovery Networks Asia Pacific and the rest of the management from Compass Communications. Really friendly people! Great that they provide a Polaroid session where we get to dress and pose for photos with the signature props from all around Asia.
The ballroom level 6, Hilton KL
Menu card
The travel journal for all cool
Posing with the props
Oh ya..premiering 25 July 2011..mcm mcm adaaa..dont forget ya'll
its our turn to brother, Ronnie playing Shah Rukh Khan with the sumpit..LOL
Polaroid is the IN thing now..nice photo frame :)
 And as the clock strike 815pm, finally Joey G announced that the event will be starting and he called up Samantha name before the door was open and taddaaaaaaaa

She really look so lovely in that pink sari and her accessories matches her skin tone.11 years of hosting as I watch her globe trotting on tv and finally meeting her in person was like surreal. After some brief introduction, there were slide show on her upcoming new show, Samantha Brown Asia premiering on 25 July 2011 at Channel 707 (Astro). be sure to catch up coz you might just wanna jet on a plane and venture to this beautiful Asia countries after watching them. Shortly after, dinner were served. The meals consist of distinctive series of delicious food from all around Asia that includes Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Macau. The mini egg tart and the soft shell chili crab was to die for..yummylicious!
After the 3rd course meal, Samantha came to each tables and there where we had chance to meet/chat/HUG/photo/autograph and share some travelling memories. Priceless!
She got my name spelt wrong but quick to amend it with a sorry nice of you Sam!
She look super tall
Ronnie, Sam and I. the same pink colour..hehehe
She is such an inspiring person and I actually asked whether is this her dream job since she was young. She actually told me, it was a dream job that she never dream off. Yes, she never thought about it but one thing lead to another and as TLC were opening for auditions, she just went for it and score! Since then, no turning back. She loves meeting people, very down to earth, humble and yup ..with great sense of humor too. One advise she gave me, anything can happen when we dare to dream. Her warm hug just made my day! Awwwwww...:) She really look good in person and as if she doesn't age at ALL!. Later she showed us some photos through a slide show of all the Asian countries and she loves the most was Cambodia! The hard life of the people there doesn't deter their hospitality and of course the magnificent Angkor Wat simply amaze her. 

Finally after dinner, had a chance to take picture with the MC, Joey G. (notable Dj /host in clubs and events) Such a humble guy too.
spontaneous and humble he is.
group photo
Thank you TLC for the golden opportunity as it is such an inspiring event to meet her in person where she shares some of the tales and stories all around the places. Thank you to the friendly staff of Compass Communications for that lovely night too especially Angeline, Roslyn and Prakaash.
Prakash, Roselyn, me and Angline.
I end this post with the group picture of us (Connie, Samantha and all the contest winners from Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia!) 
i love the bright colours of everyone vibrant! (From left the winners from Indonesia, me, Connie, Sam, Phillipines, and Malaysia contest winners!
Till we meet again Samantha!
YUp. always travel with Love! :)
This certainly has motivate and inspire me to explore the world and see the wonders of the world even more! BTW, can i make a suggestion..please bring in more TLC host here OR bring me us to again! :)


Pou Leen said...

Wow... it all looks so interesting and nice! Getting envious already!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi Pou Leen,

Yes it is! her travel show premiering on 25 July at channel 707..:)


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