Thursday, August 11, 2011

Captain Malaysia of FlyFM at Rumah OKu Nur!

I didnt realize the power of ONE TWEET, tweeted Nadia of FlyFm about Rumah OKU Nur from my blog link and one thing lead to another..CAPTAIN Malaysia of FLYFM decided to visit them today! yes TODAY (11/8/11) in the afternoon earlier. Thank you so much Nadia, Prem, Laila, Lyn and Captain Malaysia (i wonder where is Hafiz? hehehe) for visiting and contributing some provisions, cash and BAJU RAYA for them. Truly appreciated! As i received the tweet from Nadia of Flyfm via B this morning, I was elated as with the coverage from one of MALAYSIA's HOTTEST MUSIC station (FLYFM), hopefully more people will get to know about this home and could start pouring in some contribution.
With the rest of the occupants of the Pusat Jagaan OKU NUR
nana happy to meet Captain malaysia
There are so much energy here..kinda so 'sayang' a lot of FLYFM listeners couldnt make it today. Well truly understand on the sudden schedule visit but this is something really noble and sincere from the crew. 
ALONG was excited to see Captain Malaysia!!
The rest was excited to see the crews especially NANA that loves to talk to Captain Malaysia.  Psstt. By the way, Nana knows who is the real Captain Malaysia! hahaa
Chit chat time between NANA and Captain Malaysia
ALONG posing for the camera and much delighted to the rest
Group pictures and a short interview done between Nadia and Pn Normah (the care taker of the homes). Enjoy the video specially dedicated to them. :)

ALONG cant keep still as he is so hyperactive. Dont worry, he is in good hands with Prem and Captain Malaysia. Nadia (centre), Tok Wan and Lil'Devil. :)
Thank you also to Cik Mazura Illani Manshoor, Director of Halfpint Talent that dropped by for a awhile with her sister Liza and contributed some biscuits and rice to them. Thank you Prem for ride back to GH. :P

Last but not least, would like to take this opportunity to thank FLyFM once again and salam ramadan! To my beloved readers, please feel free to visit and contribute anything that you could afford. 
Pusat Jagaan OKU NUR,
NO 9, Jalan Tembaga,
Off Jalan Pahang Sek 85
53200 Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL
Tel: 03-40214791 / 012-673 1816
Direct bank in to : 
CIMB 14160074515526 Normah bt Adlan


Grace Foo said...

u r such a kind and loving lady....^_^.....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi grace,

thank you but im just doing a small bit. hopefully things will get better :)

OKU JOB DB said...

Visit us here

The Wanderer said...

This is really amazing Devi! Thank you so much for highlighting this to all of us :) Now I know where to contribute next. Kudos again!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks dian. spread the news to others yea.


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