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Disneyland Hong Kong!

My playground or 'amusement park' when i was little has always been BIG, HUGE and DANGEROUS..pun intended. But I must admit that I was lucky to experience one of the best childhood moments during those days. My family shifted from one places to another and from so called high rise building to a flat to a kampung to a quarters to a creepy house behind the RUMAH MAYAT to a kampung house and finally a normal residential area that I love going back on any given weekends. So talking about playground, I'm pretty sure every one of us have at least one thing that gives us goosebumps just by a mention of its name.

Well, after a loud cheering crowd experience at the Barclay Asian Trophy yesterday, we decided to visit the iconic Disneyland! The weather was so HOT, it was like burning to the skin AND same goes with our spirit. Every souls who visit Disneyland will always find themselves being kids. And as I stepped in, I couldn't help myself but feeling very very happy and excited. The music, the signboards, the fountain and the characters statue just bring me back to my childhood memories. All those wonderful Disney characters that I've been watching and dreaming came true AGAIN as I ventured in for some magical adventure! This, I must give credits to TUNE TALK! :)

Remember to buy the MTR Tourist Value Pack that costs HK55, because with that, you are entitled for 10% off HK Ocean Park Admission Ticket, HK30 off from HK Disneyland 1 day admission ticket, 10% off Cable Car Ticket (Ngong Ping 360), 10% off Peak Tram Sky Pass & discount on PCCW wifi /mobile. This  valid  from 1 Jan 2011 until 31 December 2011. So get this if you want further discount. The link are HERE

We started our journey that morning with a scrumptious brekkie at PANDA hotel. Then we took the MTR and head to DISNEYLAND!
lai lai...hop in if you want to go to Disneyland

Inside the MTR with the handle that resemble mickey!

Even the window screen are designed that way. it was packed inside!
Finally we are HERE. Welcome to HONG KONG Disneyland!

Let's explore Disneyland HK

HK Disneyland just turned 5 years old this year. This is my 2nd visit to the magical Disneyland, first when I visited Tokyo, Japan in 2010. The HK Disneyland is smaller but most of the rides are slightly different from the ones in Tokyo. Some shows are distinctively available only in certain countries so it was nice to actually explore them as you'll get pleasant surprises for that.
I am 5 today!
First and foremost, we decided to meet Mickey and Minnie. The line are pretty okay as it was still early in the morning. But it was really hot so lining up under the sun for a good 25 minutes leave you in sweats. Ensure to drink plenty of water! We also checked out their souvenir store that offer so many merchandize from Tshirt to keychain to figurines that you could buy. TIPs: If you want to get it for cheaper price, buy them at Disneyland outlet in the airport before leaving. Up to 50% discount I must add!. :)  There are so many other mascots that bumped to appeared on different venue, so get a map and check out their schedule as well as appearance timing.
Finally we managed to meet the iconic Mickey and Minnie
Chip and Dale!
Inside one of the souvenir shop

Our first live stage show was The Lion King. It was BIG, HUGE and dramatic. The dancers, props and music remind you of the adaption cartoon itself. It was simply wonderful!
The Lion King show was awesome!  with TImba and Bumba
So many characters !
Colourful props came to live..Dramatically
Once finished, we quickly head outside for other rides. We waited for almost 30 minutes for each show except for the jungle ride (as they have in English version too which makes the line -EMPTY..) so dont be fool with the loooong queue, they are lining up for the CANTOnese version..hahhaa...the 4D show was really magical, I simply love it. Not only i could see but feel and smell the good delicious cakes and desserts! haha..There are also these cool rides and GOLDEN MICKEY show and many mores. Totally feel like being a kid again. Well you just have to come here to experience it yourself!

view from the TARZAN TREEHOUSE!
We then line up for the next meet and greet, that includes PLuto, Goofy, Mickey (again), some fairy tale princesses like Snow White, Belle & Cinderella. Some young girls actually dress like a princess to get themselves pictures with the characters. But some just plain tired and decided to have some sugar rush..:P
Snow white!
some princess decided to take a rest
We met PLuto the dog..
Mickey on a cruise
After all the games, rides and watching the live stage shows, our stomach started to grumble and we head to one of the eateries for late lunch.
Grace's lunch

I wanted to try the Duck but finished, so I settled with chicken, so so DELICIOUS!
It's a small world!cool setting inside with puppets from all around the world customes..NICE RIDE!

This is one of the coolest ride with explosion, volcanic mountain, effects and water bursting on the air right in front of us!
After all those crazy rides, we waited at the street for the colourful and full of funs parade. The crew and dancers are pretty energetic and enthusiastic dancing away while smiling gleefully entertaining the crowd.

Toy Story come alive
Crowd are cheering for their favorite characters
There are few parts and one of the sci-fi was this Tomorrowland where you could find space ship and venture into some adrenalin pumping roller-coaster liked inside.

:) :)
It is starts to get dark and announcement was made that it might soon to rain. Then it started to drizzle...OH NO...coz the latest announcement was shall the rain continue to pour, there would not be any fireworks tonite. With that kinda announcement, ive started to feel disappointed a little already. Pray that it will stop coz i want to see the fireworks! I missed it in Tokyo coz of the same darn thing..heavy rain!..:(  So we took another ride inside the It's A Small World 'mansion' !

It's a small world night..
with the cute little moving puppets and music, i feel so happy and bliss

 And finally as the night strike 9 pm, my dream to watch the fireworks with the WALT DISNEY palace as the backdrop since I was a little girl came true. I can now sleep well tonite..hahaha

And finally we stayed back for the fireworks at 9pm!
Thank you TUNE TALK as because of them, we managed to squeeze some cool itinerary including visit to Disneyland along this trip.!

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