Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YTL Tembok Bali - Farewell

And all good things will come to an end, so does my Bali trip at YTL Tembok. You may check the rest of the part HERE. It was like a hard pill to swallow, coz i really felt so peace here. I meant most of my trips involving a lot of sightseeing, walking, and more walking and more sight seeing..(which i have no complain) but this trip has really change my perception all together. i pretty much doing nothing but relaxing and chilling, almost grips my mind and soul into pure serene.
The foyer/lobby
The villas at night
Dinner was delicious especially the chicken and dessert
Dinner the night before was wonderful. The sound of the wave, the whisper of the wind and the stars glowing that night, i just wish i could freeze it. Anyway, i do hope YTL will continue with their good job and friendly gesture. Like Fauzi said, "we do our part not only with our hands but with our heart!" that really hit me and inspiring. They made me realized that the culture are very much preserved here and the value of giving are being appreciated. We dont hv to worry anything on our belonging.we really feel safe and we even left our laptops / handphone by the gazebo the whole day for other activities and came back seeing all those items untouched. It was the trust and secure feeling plus your hospitality that we really feel being treatment like an VVIP.

The next morning, I decided to watch the sun rise! So as early as 630am, we waited for the magical moment and thank god i was not disappointed. It was breathtaking. Love it to the bits. 
The sunrise that I'm waiting for. And the 'tarantula' boat, a normal day for the fisherman
I love the shinning sun!
Then breakfast was served. Later we tried jamu making (one of the activities offered that day). The rest of the few hours, we just chill and relax by the poolside. Since our flight is only at night, we had lunch before checked out.
The poolside during daytime
Splashing time.
Lotus flower blossom so beautifully
Jamu making activity. These are the simple ingredients, Palm sugar, tamarind and ginger
After 10 minutes boiling, it is ready to be served
The jamu making was simple. mix all the ingredients and boil it for 10 minutes. Filter it and voila, ready to serve. Jamu is basically the traditional energy booster and also proven for good complexion among ladies. :) Later lunch were served which was also the last meal before we leave this paradise. sad..
The delicious portion
You dont get any better than this. overlooking the Mountain and Sea on each opposite
Be my guest, drink all u want
ready for some swim? water are pretty cold which makes it so nice to swim on a sunny day
The wantilan restaurant.
You can chill, sun tanning, read a book or just doze..:)
The great thing about this place is that privacy is very much being prioritize here. Guess what..even Kiera Knightley of Pirates of the Carribean fame was here before. Check out her comment HERE 
PIcture perfect to me is!
Hey there, wassup??
The water is so chill, time for a dip
Well, its time to say goodbye..with the lovely YTL  Resident Manager, Wati Sharron Hopley here
Then as we waved goodbye to the staff over there, the lovely YTL Resident Manager, Wati Sharron Hopley introduced herself before walk us out to the mini van. The driver, Sogeng took us around Kintamani and some short tour before sending us to Jimbaran for dinner. We also went to this place where coffee luak and chocolate was produced. Coffee luak was said to be the most expensive coffee in the world. I still wonder coz i dont drink coffee / tea.
The place where the produced Kopi LUAK. Slightly cold over here. nice!
overlooking the Kintamani mountain are simply indescribable. It is majestic and mystique. Well plus point with the legend and tales that sometimes are better left unsaid.
Kintamani mountain
This is a must visit for the locals, i think tourist shall too coz it is much more cheaper than other market
Jimbaran sunset
The sunset at Jimbaran was magnificent. The place seems so crowded, it was like this during my first visit here almost 6 years ago and it is still now. But the food getting pricey with simply 3 dishes like this already cost almost RM120. oh well, the ambience however was pretty dramatic when 3 guyz with their guitars streaming some love songs along the shore for all the patrons of the restaurants.
This simple 3 dishes cost RM120..dont go there!!
I rather eat the corn for dinner . LOL
 Thank you so much for one of the best weekend I have ever had in my life. Even though it was a short trip but I'm sure it will lasts for a long time in my soul. :) i hope i could have chance to experience other YTL hotels around the world because I love traveling and blog about it with photos, videos and even tell it to the readers sincerely from the bottom of my heart. :) thank you once again!

Last but not least, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you GUARDIAN MALAYSIA for this golden opportunity and of course AF TRAVEL for the arrangement. YTL Tembok Bali, let me just end this with a simple sign called LOVE. :) 

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