Monday, December 19, 2011

Private Dinner date with Chui Ling

Angelyn Wong Chui Ling or better known as Chui Ling by fellow Malaysians has made a substantial imprint of herself in the entertainment industry. Born in Hong Kong but she blend herself very well as Malaysian. Her fans are not only revolved among Chinese but equally fair shares among other races especially those have been following her numerous 'talent stamped' that includes drama series, variety shows, travelogue, radio, commercials and even on interviews. Wow..that was mouthful but yes she is that famous. And currently to add to her portfolio, she is also the 1st Malaysian Ambassador for an exclusive timepiece brand, Maurice  Lacroix.
Thanks to Maurice Lacroix, I had the opportunity to have a Les Calsssiques Date+Dinner for 2 with Chui Ling at Opus Bistro last Saturday. The contest was organized from chicliving website..FOLLOW YOUR CONVICTIONS few months ago.

Since it was just a small numbers of guests, the session started at 7pm punctual (which was really good). It was held at Opus Bistro Private Room, Bangsar. After ice breaking, we settled ourselves at the table and dinner were served right after. We started our pre dinner canapes  bread crackers with Gorgonzola cheese and honey & Smoked Salmon rolls & Caviar. This week has been a luxurious treatment for me..hehehe
Ms Joanne Yap brief us on the latest collection of Maurice Lacroix
It was really nice chatting with the bubbly host. Never a dull moment with stories and experiences that she shared with us openly.
Quite an interesting background among others that she graduated with majoring in genetic DNA engineering , she actually started her stint in entertainment line by chance. Yes by chance! With her humble claim that she got nothing to do at that point of time, she was approached and she seize the opportunity. An adventure seeker with the love of snowboarding up at the mountain of Japan, it has been an annual escapade as she added. She keeps herself trim with regular exercise, mainly running on treadmill and a healthy diet. With her cute dimple painted on her cheeks everytime she smiles, you might thought she is still in her 20s. As for watches, she loves them lots as she treat it as very personal and intimate.Ssshhh..she has a lot of luxury watches collection and she got a very good deal at the right time from the right person..:P She also shared a thing or two about feng shui as she is also a close friend of the master himself, Joey Yap. Not only friendly but she does inspires a lot of us in her own way.
The youthful looking Chui Ling
Then the starters choice Lobsters Bisque Soup/ Greko Orzo Roman Soup & Risotto Porcini with Foie Gras (french for fat liver of the duck/goose)--but i felt it was a little gamy for my tasting..
Lobster soup was good
Risotto Porcini with Foie Gras

main Course Combo Platter - Grilled New Zealand Lamb Cutlet (i passed to B coz i dont really eat lamb) and Roasted Atlantic Cod (to die for!)

Before dessert were served, Chui Ling actually hand over some token to the winners and a Maurice Lacroix watch worth RM4800 to the winner's representative. The winner couldnt make it as he is currently in Australia studying.
The winner's rep

gorgeous watch
I'm with Chui Ling and JOanne Yap (the manager of Maurice lacroix)
A little briefing on their some update of Maurice Lacroix
Dessert - Chocolate desire with vanilla ice cream..yummyyyy
Group photo with the rest before waving goodbye
Maurice Lacroix's Cuff link and pen :) Thank you!
Thank you for having us and hope to see you all soon for any incoming events. Special thanks to Joanne Ng (Project Manager), Joanne Yap (Marketing Manager of Maurice Lacroix), Celes Ten (Sales Manager of Maurice Lacroix), Angelyn (Chui Ling's Personal Project Manager and Wei Wei (Chui Ling’s PA) for being the great host that really makes us feel warm and welcomed. Also had a chance to meet the rest of the winners and Sherry (Rachel Beh Jing Jing's rep).

You may add CHUI LING in her fanpage --> Facebook and interact with her as she updates on regular basis.

P/s : Chui Ling, hope you'll have fun snowboarding in Japan soon . :)


Wan Amira said...

wow!! lucky u

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

siyes sangat beshhhhhhhhhhhh

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi mira,

yup..lucky me. :)

hi ayu,
sukaaaaa i..hehehe

Jing Jing said...

This is so cool , OMG , so envy. Congratzzz Devi !!!

* thumb's up *

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks jing jing. chui ling actually know u, said u always win their competition but never had a chance to meet. hopefully one day u'll meet her. :)

Grace Foo said...

congrats.....i like your photo with really look great in dress...both of u look pretty and young, 20++ yr old....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi grace,

thanks for the compliment. :)
must try to wear more dresses..heheeh


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