Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arsenal - Meeting the Gunners in Malaysia!

Wassuppp..... I was one of the lucky 50 who have won a priceless opportunity for the Meet & Greet (M&G) session with Arsenal FC players last Sunday. Organized by Proevents and out of 3,416 entries I was one of the chosen. An opportunity I should not missed!. So off I went to Saujana Hotel Shah Alam with my sis, Moly. Met Lizzie at the registration counter and decided to team up--well kinda "u stractched my back and i scratched your back" kinda thing..15 minutes was given for each session. We were on the line since 430pm. But the M&G will only starts after 530pm as stated in those passes. A lot of waiting and fans started pushing. But we managed to went through all that and 'sneaked' in for the 1st session. First thing first..strategy! we went to the players with least / none fans roaming around them. hahaa..

Lukasz Fabianski is so pleasantly good looking esp that he is a lefty hahaa
And one point, other fans started asking me to help them by taking picture for them. I tried to help but omg..with limited time, I felt like the time for my own are running out so fast! literally I'm in Amazing race with these amazing players..Liz and I can make a good team as we managed to score pictures with 10 players. haaa..

Mikel Arteta -like a spanish actor..

Ignasi Miquel

Marouane Chamakh

Francis Coquelin

Craig Eastmond 

Alex Song
Then the bell rangs after we took picture with Nicholas Yennaris and panic grips in. As I was picking up their autographed pictures on the table, Abou Diaby winked at me. LOL... Security were everywhere around to 'chased' us out.
Nicholas Yennaris
 Then it suddenly hit me, oh no..we have not met Walcott..So as we were searching in the hall with some fans running around, finally managed to find him. But fans were still roaming around his table and then came one huge white lady and screamed " Out! that's enough!" while she pushed them away, I did the Justin Bieber trick again and move to the side, giving a 'kesian face" with my hand gesture only 1 photo pleaseeeee to the security. Surprisingly, he said ok so i guessed my "puss in boots" face sells. hahaa and So 1 click for Liz, then when it was my turn..another security pushed me away, but heck..lil devil gotta do what she does best...hahaa..i kinda stayed and once Liz has given the ok sign, i then said 'thank you' and move away  gleefully.Walcott was friendly while his teammate- Vito Mannone  (sitting next) jokingly said to him, man you are most wanted! hahaaa
Vito Mannone and Theo Walcott..hehehe
Thanks Liz for the photos! :) and to Proevents for organizing this..:)


The One said...

SO cool, too bad RVP no there..and the Proevents should give more time for the M&G leh.

Sunshine Kelly said...

awesome right! i met few of them at the Gunner Interschool KL Challenge yesterday at shah alam sek 11.

Nama aku Ijan said...

The Gunners always in my heart!! Nice pic!


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