Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ultimate AirAsia Ranger!” contest

Queens Ranger Park simply rocks!

Being a Big fan of English Premier League also known as EPL can be a curse at times. Imagine staying up late just to watch those match LIVE from my humble home. The battle to conquer the tv remote control can be brutal. yeah i meant that when i said 'brutal'...hahah.. i could even find the 'football fever' are unbearable when my favorite team are battling in the football pitch by not giving their very best. When 'silly' consideration of passing the football to the opponent are intolerable, things gets pretty nasty when penalty or free kicks are given..yeah talking about the suspense and thrills while they holds against their crucial part of their body before the kick..ahaks!

Crashing the opponent team manchester city by 3-2 was one probably of the highlight that definitely will shaken the rest of the top clubs for next season. 

Its hard to tell that their defeat to victory was a sure win at first. But inevitably, it did raise few highbrows higher than the empire state..:P 
Stroke with good technique and team work, the win actually give them a huge punch to rise up in the limelight. 
jump of a champ!

Oh ya what about the match against Manchester City where Joey Barton was sent off for elbowing Carlos Tevez? well..maybe Joey should give himself a good 10 seconds rule before reacting that way. But who don't get piss off when things don't come our way right? hehe.. 

oh yaaaaaaa...
This post was written  for  The Ultimate Airasia Rangers contest.

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