Saturday, February 9, 2013

Petaling Street and Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel

Woots! after some splashing time at Sunway Lagoon, its time for us to make our way to our next destination, which was Arenaa Star Luxury Hotel. We checked in the new hotel and realize some of the floors are still not ready as it will be launched soon maybe right after Chinese New Year. Anyway our room was nicely decorated and i personally love the comfy bed. Quite small in square feet but every floors has its unique design of artistic by its own. 
the new 5 star business hotel

the comfy beds
toilet and rooms

relax first. 

We went down to lobby and was given a short briefing about AstuteXperience lead by Ms Gomathi. Each and everyone of us received a complimentary membership and discounted coupons in selected hotels all around the world. Just to highlight a little bit on what AstuteXperience are offering should one become their member. Not only you'll receive great discounted rate  but also the luxury of staying in many major accommodations that suits every different requirement. AstuteXperience was also one of the official sponsors for Areena Star Luxury Hotel KL and Vivatel Hotel KL during this wonderful 5D4N My Selangor Story trip. I remembered talking to Ms Gomathi about travelling trips and how she described that she loves Indonesia that she will actually travel for a short weekend getaway anytime she wants. So cool eh? be it for leisure or business trip, AstuteXperience will cater your dream destination with ease!

On another note, Areena Star Luxury Hotel KL and Vivate Hotel are also being their partner hotels. So thank you very much for giving us a privilege for a good night stays with full hospitality! Recently 8tvQuickie - famous local tv show has also featured AstuteXperience with the friendly Managing Director, Ms Gomathi herself. For those who want to know more about great offer from AstuteXperience, you may add them on Facebook and who knows you might be their next mystery prize winner!   
complimentary from AstuteXperience team
Mdm Gomathi was explaining on the usage of AstuteXperience. 
The kitchen at their new cafe

After the briefing, we went to explore the famous Petaling Street . you can basically find everything you need over here. From food to CD to Tshirts or anything fancy with lesser price than the normal store, its always busy around here. 
the famous Petaling Street
the nightlife of a busy street..
nice watches n caps
bags, key chain, wallet , tshirt ..and everything

For more info on Arenaa Star Luxury you may refer here 
Add: 49 Level 8 Jalan Hang Lekiu 50050 KL
Tel : 603 2022 0962
Email :

Thanks to AstuteXperience for making this possible. Truly an experience to be remembered! cant wait to start using their membership card!

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