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My Selangor Story - Day 4

Imagine yourself being captivated by the beauty of nature and life in your own country and do not worry about anything else. Immersed into a world of paradise when it is just a stone away and this is My Selangor Story Day 4!

Early morning rise and shine as I bite the fresh apple in the basket of our Canary Palm villa. Our itinerary today will be Yoga session by the Leisure team and follow by light breakfast.  
wakey wakey.
 We head to the swimming pool area and chill a bit before starting our Yoga session. After breaking our spine and stretch to the maximum, its time for us to have some light breakfast as we will be heading to Smiley Beach for cycling activity! All specially prepared by the Leisure team of the resort. 
beautiful reflection
swimming pool 
fresh fruits..nice! 
yoga session
CIk Raja Murni explaining to us on what to do during yoga session
breakfast was better than dinner last night. 
happy bunch of people :)  
Upon reaching Smiley Beach, we choose our bicycle and ready to cycle around passing by lush green surrounding. It was really fun!

hye says ericka

colourful kites and hats on sales
having fun with the rest of the clan
playing kites and chilling by the beach
game of volleyball
It was a short stay in Golden Palm Tree but nevertheless we totally enjoyed the whole stay. With heavy heart, we left this place with hearty meal of lunch with the hope to come again!. 

Then next we continue our journey to Kuala Selangor as we will be visiting Bukit Melawati. On the way to our next destination, we stopped by for the famous Cendol Bakar at Kuala Selangor.

one of the only drive through cendol that i have ever known
ice -ready to rock your world
the owner of Cendol Bakar doing the best for  dessert for us on a very hot day...
look at the crowd!
reserve for Tourism Selangor
rika as our model of slurping the cendol durian
 There are few types of cendol ranging from Cendol ViP- RM2, VVIP(+pulut) RM2.50, Durian Pulut RM3.50, Durian RM3.00, Cendol Tapai RM2.80 and Cendol Tapai Pulut RM3.20 . I love durian so I tried the Durian pulut which was simply packed with flavors and ignite our taste bud into deep indulgence. 
cendol durian pulut..yummy!

 The name of Cendol Bakar came from the sugar palm that burned to perfection. This create a nice fragrance and add extra boost to the flavor. Located just beside the road, you not going to miss it with the traffic cause by everyone want to have a piece of cendol bakar. 

Cendol Bakar
Kg Assam Jawa, Kuala Selangor
017-6222017 (Rifhan Farhan)

Next we continue our journey up to Bukit Melawati and we went up via tram. Upon reaching there, the main attraction beside the lighthouse are the silver leaf monkeys.

the silver leafed monkey with their babies golden fur
After visiting Bukit Melawati, we head to River View Restaurant for a seafood dinner! From steam fish to crab chili to deep fried squid and vegetable. Food is definitely something to die for. Scrumptiously delicious.! 
River view seafood restaurant
food and more food! :) 

Sunset was a beautiful scene with locals trying to fish at the river. 
The local  waiting for their catch before night fall. 
After scrumptious dinner, we head to Kampung Kuantan where we will witness another GOd's creation for Firefly watching or also known as Kelip Kelip/Kunang Kunang, Kampung Kuantan. According to Saifuddin, till today there are no any advance camera or video that can really capture the magnificent or the Firefly. So if you want to experience the real deal, it can be only witnessed with human naked eyes. Indeed a surreal experience as we went on a boat ride where a man will peddle the boat near to river bank. It was full red moon that night and we could see the firefly blinking their sparks clearly. Almost like a fairytale or in a scene in Avatar, simply take our breath away. So make sure to come and visit for an educational tour. Boat ride operation hours are from 745pm to 1030pm, last call is 10pm and open daily. 
all the happy faces after the boat ride.

Firefly are in the brink of extinction but we can do our part to ensure that this precious treasure of us are well preserved. After a long day, we finally wrap up the night by checking in at Vivatel.

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