Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vivatel and Kenanga Wholesale City

Well they say when all good things must come to an end . Same goes to this wonderful 5D4N trip and this is My Selangor Story Day 5. Woke up feeling a little drained out as didn't have enough sleep for couple of days but so many things and lessons has been learned throughout this journey. It was simply unforgettable moment for me to be able to experience and discover the magical creation of what Selangor gotta to offer. 

We stayed in Vivatel Hotel,  a 4 star boutique hotel that cater for leisure or even business. Inspired by nature and 4 elements in life, the rooms are equipped with complete ornaments that represents each of the mood and taste. That include fire, earth, water and air. AstuteXperience has again sponsored for our stay here in Vivatel Hotel. :) Thank you!!

We started with a hearty breakfast and room tour thereafter. 
nice creamy rich half boiled eggs

all furniture and the sauces are modern design that simply cute to look at
this is the room we stayed last night. clean and aqua effect simply very enticing

The entrance of Vivatel
Room tour by the Head of Vivatel
checking out is easy and convenient. 
huge ballroom that could accommodate up to 1000 pax.
Suitable for meetings, conference or company annual dinner with decent pricing
the fire inspired room

love the green backdrop paveway

one the key features here is the self check in kiosk. easy fast and efficient!

meeting rooms
Later we went to Kenanga Wholesale City for another round of tour and some shopping. But since we are running on time especially for the Indonesian bloggers that need to be in the airport shortly. 

Kenanga Wholesale City or also known as KWC is Malaysia's first one stop fashion shopping mall that brings together a large and comprehensive directory of businesses. A Must visit place especially those who loves to satisfy their wardrobe with latest fashion design. 

briefing on the items sold for each floors

korean pop and latest colourful design

7th floor of occupied tenants.
Vivatel Hotel
85 Jalan Loke Yew
55200 KL
Tel : 03 9205 8888 / 03 9285 8210
Fax: 03 9205 8889
Email :

Kenanga Wholesale City 
8.01 Kompleks Kenanga Wholesale City
Jalan Gelugor, KL
Tel : 03-92218081
Open daily from 10am to 8pm

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tourism Selangor for giving me a chance to anticipate a wonderful experience during the journey. Not forgetting the sponsors such as Premiere Hotel, Sunway Lagoon , Vivatel Hotel, Arenaa Star and Golden Palm Tree. Last but not the least it was certainly nice to meet such wonderful bloggers from both Malaysia and Indonesia, Ms Chai and Ms Allison, Hj Safri and En Ramli. Till we meet again! :) 


Ericka Abdullah said...

you have great pictures..
even I didn't see that self check in kiosk .. cool!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

best....sangat impressive!

Grace Foo said...

The hotel is so nice....I have never been to kenanga....hope can go there soon.thanks for sharing

Ezna said...

best jugak join macam ni yeh....hotel vivatel ni cantik jugak!!

Sweetheart Mama Papa said...

I happen to reach ur blog while searching for KWC. I am from Malaysia but havent been there yet. Haha. Planning to go there soon. Nice blog! So inspiring. will follow u! <3


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