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Los Angeles - 2013 Ultimate Dream Trip

Its like the temple of enthusiasm where one of my many travel dreams has turned into reality. It was probably one of the unusual occasions of liberation as I ventured into 17 days of adventure that I was really looking forward to. I was still in my shocking mode when suddenly I noticed that one of my major 2013 resolutions has finally immersed magically just like how the Polaroid photo works after that click sound. Yeah you know how we anticipate the photo going to look like when the white shinning film suddenly sparks into pictures & colors gradually. It was pure bliss and I honestly didn’t know how to react except holding my excitement till I was finally there! And this is my 2013 Ultimate Dream trip to the West Coast of United States!

Breath in breath was 21 October 2013 on a Monday early morning..and the fact that I am insomniac, I simply can’t wait to chuck myself in the long haul flight and search for my desperate friend àsleep. Alright it was heavy rain as we left from Grace’s home at 630am. Anyway thank you so much Pat and Grace for the hospitality. In spite of the early morning wake, my appetite is brewing with delight...yeah I’ve gained 1 kg during this 17 days trip because of all the American food..but most importantly I’ve gained priceless amount of experiences, memories, discoveries and new friends.

MAS airline was ok..I didn’t really enjoy the food that much but after 3 good movies, 1 lunch and a snack which was 8 hours in total, I was finally in Narita Airport, Tokyo. “Argo”, “Dear John” and “Now you See Me” keeps me awake where I totally forgot to search for my desperate friend. Anyway the layover was only 1 hour before we embark for another 9 hours 30 minutes up in the air. I love to travel but I simply don’t fancy long flight. I just wish someone could invent a vacuum flight one fine day. Turbulence decided to strike which lasted for almost 5 minutes and it ain’t heart was pumping so fast that the only thing I could best do was to close my eyes and pretend to sleep. hahaha. It was probably one of the worst turbulence I’ve experienced. Errkkkk.
MAS flight food...sorry but the quality has definitely downgraded.
my favorite movie of 2013
Orait, after dedicating myself to the waiting…finally we landed safely and arrived at Los Angeles Airport (LAX)…woootss!!!
yes! finally after a looong flight
waiting for our luggage
It was nice weather 19’C as I checked my phone weather apps. After getting our luggage, we went straight to Supershuttle counter and waited for our shuttle. It was prepaid which was about US35 from LAX to our hotel.
Yo! feels like an 18 years old here ..muahahah
After few rounds of turning, picking up and dropping off passengers plus not forgetting seeing the hustle and bustle of the highway to Downtown LA, we are finally here- DoubleTree by Hilton, Downtown Los Angeles. 
LAX - Los Angeles Airport
High rising buildings at Downtown LA..mainly offices  

As the driver unloaded our luggage, he requested for tipping of US3 each person. Okay the thing about USA, most of the services here is either priced without the tax or tips. So be considerate to tip between 10%-15% of total bill unless it has been included in the bill. But what I love here is the abundance of coupons, discounts, offers and further discount if you know how to search for it..You can find it almost the free maps brochure, phone apps, internet, newspaper or even at your receipt which can be used for your next purchase.

standing tall
Checking-in was easy and we were even offer free membership for points, wifi, business lounge services and their signature warm double chips cookies! Room was spacious, view was good, the sun is still smilling on us, so after freshen up, off we went out to explore Downtown LA. 
Double tree by Hilton in a nutshell 
To me, this place is pretty quiet and laid back. The energy in East Coast, New York is definitely different altogether but I was fortunate to be able to experience the best of east and west coast and it certainly a place I would like to revisit or perhaps just migrate there…hahaa
in the eye of the storm..
Little Tokyo..literally i felt i was in TOKYO for a minute.
We walked and walked till we felt not quite safe that we decided to make a detour. The top layer from where we were standing started to feel a little creepy. 
Yup..not like in KL..its pretty empty at 6-7pm.
 Well..Downtown LA is actually the central business district of California which explains why it is quite quiet after working hours. Moving around this area is pretty simple..You can either walk, take the bus -DASH for like 50 cents, hail a taxi or even the metro and train station. Most of the iconic buildings are close to each other so its easier to walk just that it gets dark quick during mild winters and we prefer to stay safe so we detour whenever there were dark alleys or dark streets ahead of us..Nevertheless, I always felt there were angels looking down on us and took care our well being during this entire trip. I probably have to stop watching LAPD / CSI: LA. haha Positive minds and vigilant of surrounding always the best way to keep your travel safe.
City of Angels..
9News is about to make their runs
So after all that walking on a breezy cold night, we decided to tryout Johnny Rockets! the banana vanilla milkshake was to die for..dang..craving for one as I'm updating this blog. I'm sure the taste would not be the same at the recently opened outlet at the Curve, Damansara. The tuna spread with extra cheese was also a great combo to fill our hungry stomach. Plus the extra friendly waiter that look like a young sleek Elvis / someone from the LA ink bunch that was featured in my kodak moment. ahaha

such a laid back place to be fed with fried good delicious meal..
our meal with a smiley face sauce from the waiter
such a cute juke box..and its ok 5cents for a really?
classic yellow 
retro and vintage chairs..the old american style
say cheese
phewwww..i finally managed to finish up Day wait for my next post on what happen the next day at the City of Angels..more stories and photos coming up on how i celebrated my Halloween and Diwali there... one of my 2014 resolutions is to start updating all my travels and events before I tend to procrastinate even long for now!  

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