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TSDayOut Special Edition: Amazing Race - Heritage Walk Klang town

My dear Selangorians, so how well do you really know about Selangor? You might know every alley, roads or nook of spots to eat, dine or even places to play but when it comes to Selangor's origin of its rich heritage, culture and history. You might be surprised with the amount of knowledge you hold towards this sassy state of Malaysia. I might say I know a little bit and pieces about Selangor but not until Tourism Selangor organize a heritage trail @ race during their TSDAYOUT SPECIAL edition last week that got me baffled with astonishment. I am sucker for treasure hunt simply because i never really fancy riddles and hidden agenda, but somehow or rather it was a little exhilarating to search for 25 clues in a given time on our first day of our participation. 

This trip was filled with 'drama', informative, knowledge, adventure, food, fun, laughter and how we were strangers became friends and creating memories that certainly will last forever. So, are you ready to be challenged? If yes, then read further!

Why did i mentioned drama? well because most of you who has been reading my blogs knows that I really enjoyed all TSDAYout  events and i've been to their office few times, but that Saturday morning, waze decided to prank me by leading the way to Tourism Selangor at I-city. Not only i lost the way but I need to make a big turn to reach the destination. Then, i was told that parking at Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) might be a risk i should not be taking. Hrrm...other participants came via public transport or someone fetch them there. okay lucky for me that Adam drove there as well. So we decided to park our cars over there for the next 4 days even though deep down we are not comfortable leaving our precious cars over there. Sayang wei i nak tinggalkan my 'Raoul' at this risky places. Anyway we decided to continue with our activity and will decide later since we are only flying to Sarawak the next day. 

So after short briefing by En Saad, I grabbed my goody bag, one delicious karipap from the breakfast tray and quickly hop-on to their comfortable coach to head to Klang town.
Upon reaching Klang, we thought we will have a simple heritage walk like a walk in the park..but boy we were wrong..we were given a task to complete an amazing race @ heritage trail kinda hunt for 4 hours. gulp..i thought i have a share fare of knowing Klang town, not until that fine day..haha.. 

Upon arrival at our assembly point which was at this dapper-looking building built in 1909 standing tall and proud at the busy street of KLang town, namely-  Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz. It was actually a great initiative of Klang Municipal Council and Tourism Selangor to promote Klang of its rich history, tradition and customs
Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz
Well, after ice-breaking we were divided into a team of two and my team mate was Ahmad Fauzi, a friendly blogger of Projeck Travel. Since both of us are clueless, we didnt think further when other team invited us to joint-venture..why not? so Fauzi and I team up with Jess, Khai, Syed Ali, Evelyn and Dennis. We sat at the front yard of the Royal Gallery, lay out the maps and questionnaire sheets and begin cracking our brains like the sound of munching peanuts. Every other teams have left the place and we are still digesting the questions with our poker faces.  
start singing to obtain clues from the Tourism Selangor marshals.
 We went in to Royal Gallery to retrieve few answers and was amazed with some new discoveries about the Royal Highness. You got to come here and see it for yourself all the artifacts display that is so beautifully preserved. Below are some of the moments we encountered while busy finding clues during that 4 hours. We walked few thousand steps, settled down for our scrumptious vegetarian food called 'Thali' set, immerse ourselves into the mood of colorful Diwali delicacy, tradition wears and decorations and discovering this royal capital town with old colonial government buildings, places of worship and a former tin warehouse. What an insight of all those mix masala of sweetness and spices from different diversification. 
the prestige medal on display
the huge crocodile (22-feet long) that was captured right after 3 months later of the coronation of the late State Sultan. Myth or urban legend? come and visit to read further of this history. 
Klang railway station 
this is where it all begins..start calculating the km
Met Ms Julie (with head mic), tourist guide that lead these Singaporeans during the Heritage Walk. Managed to chat with some of them and they really love this not only informative initiative but great experience going back time. 
One of the beautiful temple in Klang town. 
Do you know this double deck bridge was a connection that was built on May 1957 by a British company namely, Dorman Long Bridge and Engineering Ltd.
we-fie time with the rest of the teams! fun it was even though it was tough getting the answers
found an abandoned house , feeling very rustic. Pic taken by Syed Ali.
Sarees worn by indian ladies during Diwali is mainly hand- made with beautiful ornaments.  
so many colorful spoilt for choices.
wanna try henna painting? it can last for 1 week and just cost you RM10-RM15
Imported silk all the way from India can be found here. 
 After all that searching, our stomach were grumbling like a wolf.Its time to settle for some great indian food at Restaurant Chai Masala. 
Everyone was super hungry hence it was a silent moment
I tried the 'THALI' vegetarian set which consist of rice, papadom and small bits of curry and vegetables served in a small metal pots. with 1 ice lemon tea, my lucnh meal cost me RM10.10. (using the RM15 given earlier.) 
We head back to our meeting point as it was almost 2pm. Was greeted with fresh coconut drink to quench our thirst. 
Coconut drinks waiting for us. 
Thinking back it was great that Tourism Selangor engaged us with this amazing race because shame on us! We noticed that most of us will only walk past a lot of these places without even bother to know of its importance and origin.  So now at least i can tell, i know at least 40% of this royal Klang town :) 

Oh ya, before I forget..Do you know that every Saturdays, there will be a guided Heritage Walk approximately about 21/2 hours walk from 9.15am to 11.45am? And its COMPLIMENTARY! All you need to do is register at Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz from 9.00am to 9.15am on the same day. Getting there is pretty easy especially by KTM Komuter train and get off at KLang station (not Port Klang). 
Be prepared to discover more than 9 historic sites in the oldest part of Klang town, hear untold stories of the neighbourhood and its people PLUS special entry to off-limits places on by this walk! 
How to register ? Use the following method:
1) Website      :
2) Telephone  :  +603-5513 2000
3) Email         :

OKay guyz, i am certainly will try out their free heritage walk, so who want to join me?

Some snapshot video of Klang town and what happened on our first day of TSDAYout special edition for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Thank you very much Tourism Selangor in collaboration with Sarawak Tourism Board with Empire Hotel Subang and Air Asia!

Go and like Tourism Selangor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you still have you know what the things you have been missing?? Wait for my next adventure for this TSDAYout Special Edition : Selangor meets Sarawak soon!


Ramble and Wander said...

Lawa gila gambar, esp. gambar sari tu! But anyways, true what you say, we hardly know stories of our own backyard. Kalau nak join the tour nanti, let me know, I want to join too!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks Rusli. okay sure..will do. :)


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