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TSDayOut Special Edition: Sarawak Sunset River Cruise

Day 2 of TSDAYout: Special Edition turned out to be a little unexpected than we have anticipated. So what really happened? Well we can only plan, but if its not meant to be, then it will not meant to be. Nothing dramatic, we just missed our flight. Like seriously?? hahaa.. okay it might sound a little more dramatic than you thought but during crisis like this that we get to see the real deal on how people react and respond to a sticky situation that I am about to tell you guyz. Don't worry, its was an experience and simply an added spicy masala like our curries we had the day before at Klang town. hahaa..well at least I have a story to be told! Read up!

It was 5 am in the morning and all of us gathered at the Lobby of Empire Hotel. Our coach has arrived to fetch us to KLIA2 with packed breakfast of sandwiches, breads, mineral and mango juice prepared by Empire Hotel, how thoughtful. Thank you! :) 
Look up and tadaa...huge mirror
Early morning briefing..all still in blur mode
Since it is an easy accessible from Empire Hotel to KLIA2, we reached there in less than 45 minutes. 
Ready guyz?? Excited faces upon reaching KLIA2
Self check-in counter which was user friendly and handy. Scan the barcode and boarding pass will be printed in a jiffy.
We arrived early however due to some technical glitch, we could not board in time. Because of that, we missed our flight. Sad case, right? While some managed to board on a separate flight, some of us were 'stranded' at the airport. time like this, I really need to give my hats off to all of the staff of Tourism Selangor especially Renu and Sazlan who were there with us and try to sort things out plus not forgetting Saad, Naz, Husna and Hanip who were on the other side of Peninsular Malaysia that constantly keep asking our whereabout and updating us via whatsapp group. Not only the available seats are limited but we are running out of time to re-book the flight. However, with God's grace, after few hours of snoring, chatting and having our delicious brunch at the food court, we finally received great news that we are ready to board again at 1230pm..phew! ohh Air Asia, Thank you for living your motto..everyone can fly!
Mengantuk ker? Kesian..
And after 2 1/2 hours flight on a hot seats courtesy of AirAsia, we finally arrived to the land of Hornbills greeted by En Nazrieman Bujang from Sarawak Tourism Board. Since it was almost 230pm, our next itinerary was to check-in to our hotel at Imperial before heading to Waterfront area for our Sunset River Cruise later in the evening.
We were given this cool necklace made from colorful beads. Thank you!
This deserve a cheerful group photo after all that waiting!
Without wasting any time upon reaching Imperial Hotel, I quickly snapped some photos of the hotel room and surrounding, then placed my luggage in the hotel room before off I went to the lobby area. Talking about excitement, Ayue and I probably one of the first to arrive while sipping the chilled mango juice as welcome drink from the management. 
New, huge and cool glass lighting. 
Oh my..finally after 8 years I am here again in Sarawak! With its beautiful blue skies and tropical breeze, Sarawak simply hold a special place in my heart. Ooze with magical beauty of nature and a gateway to vast wilderness, my curiosity was running high like the soaring kites when I get the chance to attend the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) in Sarawak for the first time in 2005. And ever since then, I simply love the diversity of the celebration by world renowned musician at the foot of Mount Santubong with just a stone away from the soft powdery sand of Permai Beach, I repeated my involvement in 2006 and 2007 respectively. That was a mind blowing concert right in the middle of the deep forest! 

People of different ethnics, races, religions and cultures, I am ready for my Sarawak adventure! So first up, we were given 30 minutes to wander around  Kuching Waterfront. A visit to Kuching would not be complete if you have not visit the famous Waterfront. It is also known as the People Place among the locals. Almost everything that you need can be found along these streets beside few attractions including monument to honor the late Charles Brooke and the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching, Tua Pek Kong Temple.
The stunning building - Dewan Undangan Negeri with great weather after the haze fiasco that lasted for weeks in Malaysia
The Astana, the imposing palace on the north bank of the river opposite Waterfront was built in 1870 by Charles Brooke as a bridal gift to his wife, Margaret. How romantic!
After strolling at the Kuching Waterfront for 30 minutes, Jess and I went to the meeting point of the Sunset River Cruise jetty by the river bank while snacking some street food. 

The umbrella-shaped roof of the New Sarawak State Assembly Building was completed in 2009. (No wonder I didnt see this previously)
The Square Tower was built in 1879 as a fortress but fortunately never fired a shot in anger!
ready to board? 
Yeah all of us were so excited and quickly head straight to the Sky Deck for a better, clearer and cooler view. The Sarawak River Cruise not only provides a unique and different experience but also creatively cater for starlight cruise party, romantic wedding, corporate function or just chilling with your family and friends for a special evening together. 
How can I resist a Group wefie moment..haha..bunch of fun people they were
The Sunset River Cruise has so much to offer especially when you could enjoy the panoramic view of the Malay kampungs, beautiful landscape of Mount Serapi and Mount Santubong, over passing high rising buildings, fishing villages with down memory lane in a laid back phase. One thing for sure as I was standing mesmerizing the majestic view above the calm river, I could not help it but to feel how peaceful and simple life it was for locals here in Sarawak. The cool breeze exude enormous amount of liberation not only to my body but also to my mind and soul. 
What a moment..simply very liberating. Pic by Renuga
Complimentary mango juice and kek lapis (deliciously wicked!)
 There was also traditional dance performance by 3 main ethnic of Sarawak namely Iban, Melanau and Ulu that was so graceful and mellow.  
Look who is leading the dance? haha
As the sun is setting and painting the skies with wonderful orange and yellow pixels of cotton candy clouds, I felt like as if I am in another world of craziness imaginary.  
what a beautiful sight
The sunset river cruise that lasted for almost 2 hours of exquisite leisure ride with local music instruments being played and also with running commentary on iconic and historical landmarks through the sound system is very educational. It will also give you an insight of the changes and development of river-line of Kuching. With clean toilets provided at the lower deck, you dont have to worry incase if you been drinking too much of their free flow of mango juices.
who dont love to be in the we-fie ?? Pic by Denise
As night approached, the view of glittering lights along the walkway of Waterfront start to come to life. I started to feel like I was in an amusement park with blocks of building at the backdrop of dark blue skies. 
nightlife has just begun!
We ended our sunset river cruise with a lovely stop back to the jetty. I would love to recommend to those who are in Sarawak and have a spare 2 hours or so to try this Sunset River Cruise. Certainly a great way to relax while experience the charms of beautiful moment. It will be slightly packed during weekends, so please make a reservation to avoid any disappointment. Fee is about RM60 per pax. For further details, you may check out their FACEBOOK account or via phone at + 6082 240 366.

And if you are in Kuching, the night would not be complete without going for a scrumptious dinner at the famous Makan place called TOPSPOT. I guessed almost everyone in the city knows about this place and since it is so famous, you got to try their food here. From local vegetable like Midin (fernleaf shaped) to fried oyster to local seafood dishes, your diet will have to wait. 
Because i was so hungry, didnt managed to snap other dishes like tomyam fish 
TOP SPOT food court 
packed of people..come early to avoid your seats being taken..hahaaa

Meanwhile watch the video to check out on what we have done so far during this 2nd day of TSDAYOUT special edition. 

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I would like to convey my gratitude and sincere thanks to Tourism Selangor, Sarawak Tourism Board,  Air Asia and Empire Hotel Subang for making this trip possible, memorable with fun, laughter and awesome!

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