Friday, November 20, 2015

TSDayOut Special Edition: Fairy Cave and Wind Cave

Mother nature never fails to amaze me. And especially with the diversification of abundance natural resources in Sarawak, you can never be short of interesting places to see and visit here. It was our final day of TSDAYout special edition of Selangor meets Sarawak. Well it is close to end of my 4D3N journey, a little bittersweet as we had so much fun during this trip. We were not only given the privilege to witness the hundreds years cave with mystical features but made strong bonding and friendship among us that was simple captivating. 

Ok, first up after hefty breakfast that morning, off we went to Fairy Cave located at Bau, Sarawak. Fairy Cave was actually a former gold mining settlement about 40km from Kuching. Guess how much was the entrance fee??? Only 1 ringgit. yes you got that right.

There are many formations that you can see and explore and photo opportunities or even for meditation as well :) There are some unusual stalactites and stalagmites that were formed over thousands of years ago. It is quite dark as we entered into certain area, so please bring along torchlight and wear a proper walking shoes as it can be quite slippery.
notice for visitors
Welcome to Fairy Cave
After obtaining our entrance sticker, we proceed to climb the stairs. It can be a little intimidating especially for senior citizens, so please plan well but rest assure, upon reaching in, it was such  magical gems!
beautiful trait of a spiderweb. 
the stairs 
prepared to be mesmerized
some of the stairs that we need to climb in the cave.
the appearance of grass in the cave form a beautiful sight especially when the ray of sun penetrating. 

As I reached to the top of the cave, i've discovered warehouse from afar.
Such a moment like this kept me thinking. Do fairy really exist? and why do this cave was named Fairy Cave? Maybe there were fairy rooming around, we will never know.  Legend or myth? - you decide. Must admit that this cave somehow ignite a nostalgic mood to reflect a fascinating and meaningful contribution of mother nature and life. No wonder it is also a great place to gather inspiration to some nature lover. 
A moment to stop and stare . Pic by Nazrieman
huge cave indeed
In my deep thought. pic by Jess. 

After exploring Fairy Cave, we proceed to another cave namely Wind Cave about 10 minutes drive away. Open from 830am to 430pm, Entrance fee is about RM1 for an adult (Malaysian) and RM5 (Foreigner)  
Welcome to Wind Cave
A great reminder notice as you arrived Wind Cave
look like a dinosaur skeleton over here.. 
Almost unreal, almost absurd..look carefully and you will notice a human face form on the bottom right...eerie? not quite. 
 Who would have thought that an afternoon discovery in this Wind Cave will look like this? Offering a varieties of distinctive formation that was effortlessly phenomenal. As I switched on my "torch apps" of my Iphone, the pitch dark cave suddenly came alive with squeaking voices of bats and echo of steps as we walked. Don't worry if you do not have any torch, you may rent the head lamp for RM3. 
Look at how amazing the formation of stalactite and stalagmite
like a dungeon from a movie scene of Lord of the Rings
look at its feets that simply stick on the wall of the cave like glue.. its a bat world out there
the path way that looks a little eerie with bats hanging upside down..follow the WIND
We were so hungry after climbing all the stairs and exploring the cave in the dark with bats and creepy crawler. But overall it was an unique experience, no guide is necessary as long as you walk along the wooden bridge or walkway. Just remember to bring along a torch and wear a proper walking shoes as it might be slippery. At noon, we were back in Kuching town for indian buffet lunch at Bombay Palace Restaurant..yummy briyani with chicken curries and naan. After a satisfying lunch, we head to the highest floor of the same building where Bombay Palace located to purchase the famous layers cake also known as Kek Lapis. RM10 per piece and the fragrance simply immerse few metres from the bakery shop. The vibrant colors of Kek Lapis is probably one of the signature of a must-have souvenir for friends and family back home. 
Let's dine in - Bollywood style 

Dont forget to buy some kek lapis back home..yummy
Farah doing her thang to get the perfect shot of freshly baked cakes! smells good in here
Kuching's famous statue.
nice decoration
LAst final we-fie before we bid goodbye at Kuching Sarawak Airport..
Before we leave to the airport, we took our last Kuching town tour by visiting the Museum. No picture are allowed inside but I reckon everyone who would love to know more about the history of Sarawak, please visit this place. Not only it is free but a lot of information in the form of text, article, artifacts and mini theater display. It's amazing to learn about the tribe and ethnic groups with the replica of long house inside the museum. Thumbs up for retaining such great compilation! Definitely a great tour especially for students and tourists. And then it was almost time's up as we have a flight to catch. Time to bid goodbye but I am pretty sure that I left nothing there except for my footprints at the land of Hornbills. I will be back, perhaps for my long overdue wish to return for the Rainforest World Music Festival in Aug 2016!. Adios everyone!

That's wrap up my TSDayOut Special Edition (Selangor Meets Sarawak) and i truly enjoyed it! till we meet again..don't forget to Aspire to Inspire because the world is full of wonderful thing, so start by exploring your neighbourhood and feed your wanderlust with the beauty this life could offer! Live Life and Dare to Dream!

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I would like to convey my gratitude and sincere thanks to Tourism SelangorSarawak Tourism Board Air Asia and Empire Hotel Subang for making this trip possible, memorable with fun, laughter and awesome! 


Ida said...

Remember me?
We went to Bukit Kubu TSDay Out together.
The fairy cave just looks amazing

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi there, kena jumpa dulu baru ingat kot..hehee..hows life?

Unknown said...

Hi--great pictures! I was wondering if I could use the picture of you in the cave looking up into the light. I would like to use it on folders at my church. It's a great shot of light shining into darkness!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yes sure and thanks!


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