Monday, March 21, 2011

Cooking session with Ronnie Johnsen & David May

the title caught ur attention eh? further...

2nd day at DoubleTree, rise and shine..after all that really yummylicious breakfast buffet at Makan Kitchen, I decided to go back to hotel room before heading to work as I forgot something. While walking towards the room at the corridor, I could hear voices of an English speaking gentleman..then i got shocked to bump into Vladimir Smicer and Patrik Berger. I quickly asked Mr Patrik,may i have a picture with the both of you...and with great smile early in the morning, while carrying their golf club, they just said sure. 
OMG--its Patrik Berger & Vlamidir Smicer
We chatted a little while before waving goodbye...i swore that i saw the most mesmerizing blue eyes ever while talking to was like the color of the ocean. Then off from my dreamland and went to work. I took ½ day leave coz later at 230pm , B will be cooking with the Masters Footballers at Makan Kitchen with the help of their chef. The session will be aired on Astro Awani while the interview article should be published somewhere that week.
½ day past so fast. And then we were waiting at Makan Kitchen 215pm.  After some brief introduction by the Manager of DoubleTree and the PIC for the contest winners, Ms Chin Yee. The cooking session started just fine with rb having the chance of his lifetime to cook with Ronnie Johnsen and David May, Chef Azri was pleased to help them on how to cook the roti jala. For the record, no one was hurt or harmed during the cooking session. LOL
Chef Azri 'teaching' the guyz
Ronnie -cooking with love
Sir Bryan Robson
With Ronnie JOhnsen again..hehee..he is super friendly down to earth guy
Jeff Winter...being himself..hahaa
There, Joshua and I managed to snap some photos with the rest such as Sir Bryan Robson, Vic Anderson, & Jeff Winter.

Later, we (the guests of the winners) were served some light refreshment. Finally got the chance to meet one of the emenang member, Zufino and his wife, Erna. But it turned out to be both Erna and I was the one chatting all the way as new found friends..ahaks...Then we just chilled at the Lobby to hopefully for some photo opportunity...hehehee...All those wait, finally managed to meet Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Stephane Henchoz and few others.

That night, while the EPL Masters Footballers are having their Gala dinner, we went to swimming pool for some splashing..and swimming. Tomorrow will be our last day here...:( and but didn’t managed to meet Asprilla..well...maybe next time..So the next morning, after breakfast, B left earlier as he need to work, Me and Joshua check out at 12pm. And while we were snapping some photos at the entrance of Double Tree, we thought we saw a glimpse of Asprilla..and guess what , it was really him. Without further ado, as he walked towards the taxi stand, finally  my mission completed...ahaks.. Thank you B & DoubleTree KL for the opportunity, it certainly going to be something that i'll cherished in my life...I’ve met the legends and it was simply one of the best weekend stay. 
Pavel Srnicek
funny man - Rufus Brevett
Stephane Henchoz
Michael Thomas
with Erna..nice meeting you
cool guyz..Robbie Fowler & Steve McManaman ..fuh finally
Swimming pool
Thank you DoubleTree...i enjoyed the stay

mission accomplished.. Faustino Asprilla
For more info of the article that was published in both The Star & N ew Straits Times please check out this link at NST and Kuali


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said... to see your "B" do the learner i bet :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hahaaa...boleh lah...kekeke..but it was fun

Unknown said...

Demm.. i'm very jealous wif u..... Pavel Srnicek and Tino Asprilla is my hero... Both of them are Newcastle legend.....

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi HIrumaKecil,

Yes they are legends that are not forgotten. i was honor to actually meet them in person. :)



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