Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EPL Masters Footballers Malaysia Cup 2011

A great thanks to Doubletree by Hilton, KL. B won under the Cooking with Masters Footballers contest at their FB. And the welcome kit prizes includes 2 tickets to watch the EPL Masters Footballers Malaysia Cup at Putra Stadium Bkt Jalil, 2 nights stay at DoubleTree and a lifetime chance to cook with the Masters Footballers. Joshua tagged along and i could see from his face, he was one of the happiest boy in the world that day. With a mission of getting our Jabulani to be decorated by all their signatures, we got struck by the football craze vibe that weekend. I am officially an EPL enthusiast starting from today! hehehee...anyway as we checked in at DoubleTree, we were handed 3 of the signature chocolate chip cookies that was warm and smells good. 
DoubleTree Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies
Deluxe Room
Later we head to Bukit Jalil for our first match where our Malaysian team showed their skills in the pitch with among others are the EPL legends from former ManU, Liverpool and EPL All Stars clubs. Massive crowd, crazy fans, devil red shirts were planted on each seats supporting their favorite man.
In the Putra Stadium
All 4 teams
Getting Started
We were cheering for Malaysia and ManU.ahaks...Honestly i only get to know their names/faces by googling them the night before. As i watched them played,i was wondering whether are they really over 40/50 years? coz they really dont look like one. i meant look at their stamina and fitness level really put shame to a lot of teens players our there. Their spirit just amazed me.
Finally the champion was crown to the EPL All Stars.
EPL All Stars won at the end..Kudos!
Great match with our Malaysian team lead by Zainal Abidin Hassan still keeps us sway with his move..well...literally. Joshua managed to get Steve McManaman as the 1st person to sign on the Jabulani. And my autograph book too..How cool is that? hehee
Yeah..1st signature..from Steven McManaman
Then off we went for dinner at Bukit Bintang before coming back to Doubletree. Some of the players were relaxing at the Axis Lounge. So we managed to snap with some of the them and get the Jabulani signed. We waited next to the lift for some signture & the photo opportunity 'hunting' begun. It was worth the wait. The fact that most of the players are left handed somehow created the chemistry and stories between us as of being one.
The best and highlight of the day was when Clayton Blackmore came to us and hand over  2 of his jersey. WOW...we were honoured and must have been really lucky. Thank you Blackmore! 
Everyone seems to be so super friendly and nice, tall and good looking. But the only setback was taking picture with Andy Cole. He was a little rude and wasn't pleased ..oh well maybe because he was also drunk. LOL. Speaking wish, he however instantly will give his best smirk when the camera start snapping.  
with the legendary Zainal Abidin Hassan at the carpark

Then we went up to refresh ourselves before going down to the lounge for some photo opportunities.
:) :) with Ronnie Johnsen..he is so tall
can someone please enlighten me the name of this gentleman???huhuhuh
The charming Micheal Mols...great smile
A lefty..
He dressed like a star..:) Jesper Blomqvist, the coolest footballer
Keith Gillespie
Regi Blinker
The most friendliest. Clayton Blackmore
Clayton gave us 2 of his jerseys..wootssss
Phil Babb
Paul Jones
Err..what can i say...Andy Cole..he is after all a legend.
It was almost 130am, orait...more update and who else we met the next day...the day is getting better and better...


nina said...

ouch!!! bestnyer..never expected mcner nyer best..hey dear..yg tiket free u suh i amik tuh, dpt mcmni ker?

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

seriously i just know their name from your posting...hik hik

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

nina--memang best,i pun tak expect much sebab bukan fan of football sgt. tiket free tu dpt tengok match kat stadium putra je. yg ambik gambar sorang sorang dgn pemain sebab menang contest dr Doubletree by Hilton at facebook.

ayu- ahaks...i googled and asked around..coz i dont know either before this..but now i am their fan..hhehe


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