Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Doraemon & Darth Vader Came Alive

Hrrmmm...i know..3 years late. but late is better than never. I was really looking forward for the Hot Air Balloon fiesta ever since it first started which was 3 years back. But somehow things don't happen as I planned and due to oh well...i leave it blank and let's just put it as in the "10 things goes wrong" list..:P. Then come the 2nd year of this fiesta, I was just not in the mood. But surprisingly, this year, i decided by all means, I must give it a try to witness with my very own eyes and to watch the hot air balloon goes up up and away to the sky while i admiring it getting smaller and smaller mode. here i was..about 7.30 am at Putrajaya. Hrrmm...too early you may ask? But actually i was late as the first 300 tokens has been given out to be exchanged later at 9am for a chance to fly high with RM10 (Adult) or RM5 (child). Anyway I was not that disappointed as to be here alone is already an 'achievement'..kkekekee..ok maybe i was exaggerating..

up up and away
blue skies
Darth Vader ..I am your father...huhuhu
Gone with the wind
frown clown, joker and Doraemon . ..release them please...ahaks
looking this this iconic face already plant smiles on my face
for a minute, i thought a giant Doraemon is attacking the the cartoon series.
looking at this, i blame myself for not purchasing the Groupon paramotoring voucher...huhuhu
stalls..from fastfood to local delight to toys..
yeah im happy...
The crowd started pouring in at 9am where Darth Vader and Doraemon came alive on sequence with their respective soundtrack music was playing. Happy faces around...hehehe...So many stalls were there including fast food to local delight. But i am pleased that finally i was there for the first time..maybe to try the fly high ride next year...we keep that in check okay..  

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