Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I MAS Travel!

I used to be puzzled with the postcard in the bookstore when I was a kid. Sometimes I wonder whether it was just a painting or creation from humankind coz it doesn’t look real and furthermore it was just way too beautiful! Do these places really exist??

And how I used to envy those people who could afford to travel anyway even a short trip to KL (As I was living in Mentakab (a nice hometown I must add) at that time. Interesting stories to be told, bizarre escapade to be experienced, amazing culture to be known, picturesque places to be seen and the best of all the priceless expression while I gazed myself into the story telling table.

My curiosity level lifted up one step higher each time I hear all this stories (mind you that I have the tendency not to touch the book except textbooks coz I‘m allergic to text..hahaha) Anyway it wasn’t something I'm proud of either. Fairytale, Disney cartoons, National Geographic channel has been my favorite ever since my parents introduced them to me. A fascinating watch with lots of mesmerizing tale of the impossible!.

But there I was back then, looking at my bank account, the scholarship money is only left for books, fees and surviving. 


Deep down inside of me, I kept all those dreams in the corner of my mind for perhaps one fine day I will start to see the world out there like how I always wanted.

So over the years as time flies, finally I came to KL to further my Uni studies. There was also the stepping stone where I started to be independent for the very first time.

The power of mind is indeed the strongest of them all. It started with travelling locally then I own my first passport in 2005. It has become my passion to travel ever since and guess what.. I’ve learned a lot enough to change the way I used to think about life, it boost up my confidence, I might be a late boomer, but I get what I dream..eventually…of course with the full amount of effort, sacrifices, heart and soul. And who says travelling need to cost a bomb? 

I am truly grateful that by travelling, I have the chance to experience a lot of unimaginable things and also witness the beauty of life has to offer and oh yeah the priceless happiness to my soul.  Chill to my spine and bone.. kekeke..

From a bizarre appetite in Manado, Party like a New Yorker, gigantic trees with gigantic historic monument in Angkor Wat, gondola ride at Venice or the bloody race during prehistoric age at Colosseum, Rome, amazing lake Lugano of Switzerland, water rafting and elephant ride at Phuket, peaceful and enchanted Bali, the incredible journey of Mount Sapa, Vietnam and top notch cultural show at Shenzen, the smallest active volcanic mountain at Tagaytay, Philippne, picturesque protruding mountains at Guilin, shopping haven at Bangkok, the museums and iconic building of Eiffel Tower Paris, the red light district of Amsterdam, clean and systematic Singapore, unique species of animals at Perth, everything is big, bold and huge in Dubai, the sulfuric mountain in Taipei, food galore in Hong Kong, everything distinctive & futuristic in Japan that keeps me jaw dropping with astonishment and I could go on and on about our beautiful Malaysia too.I love TREES and i love nature, basically i love the world!

So if you ask me  “What kind of traveler are you?” let me answer that through my simple verse of expression:

A traveler that MAS travel coz that’s my passion,
Shout ‘YAHOO’ at each destination,
Living my life adventurously yet not forgetting the tradition,
Did I forget to tell you that I LOVE competition?
Blogging, photo, video or even story narration 
I’m eager to learn and oh yeah sharing the moments of reflection,
The world is my inspiration,
Where I get to dream and fulfill this burning infatuation
From Party like a New Yorker at the city of realization,
To virgin forest that lack of modernization, 
Life is indeed beautiful as it grips me with anticipation,
Hopefully to South Korea or Cape Town pretty soon, 
You may want me to be your traveling companion,
Coz I am the kind of traveller you are looking for on a lifetime trip of your fascination.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to see more of my spontaneity and adventure, pick me as your next MAS traveller. 

Click this LINK and check it me if you like it :). 


Diana Diane Teo said...

Click "Like" - DONE! :)

Wan Amira said...

i dah LIKE for u :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you Diana and Wan :)

sri said...

so nice 2 c ur pic...

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thank you sri

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